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Compare the male characters in 'Tony Kytes' the arch deceiver and Spiv in love consider their personalities and their relationships with the women in the stories. Refer to social, cultural and historical contexts of the stories.

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Darren Preston September 2002 Compare the male characters in 'Tony Kytes' the arch deceiver and Spiv in love consider their personalities and their relationships with the women in the stories. Refer to social, cultural and historical contexts of the stories. The story of Tony Kytes arch deceiver was written by the author Thomas Hardy who was born in 1840 meaning that this piece of writing is old and aged and some of the language used can be linked with the timing and nature of the author himself. Thomas Hardy was about was writing in the mid 19th century, he describes life in that time, in a village in south west England we know that at this time children did not listen to their fathers advise we know this because Tony's father advises him to marry Milly so Tony put Milly at the bottom of the list. The story is set in rural Dorset and this fact can be backed up with the language that is used with the Dorset dialect being highly prominent. The story is about a character called Tony Kytes who is highly favorable with the women and the main part of the story is based around this. In the Tony Kytes story are six characters, the four main ones being Tony and the three young ladies. The one we get to know best of all is Tony. ...read more.


girls because Tony seems to be in less command of the situation compared to the girls who are there waiting to be chosen. The tone throughout Tony Kytes is highly humorous and Tony's antics involving the women descend further into farce for example when the story starts coming to a climax when all the girls find out about each others existence all Tony has to say is "Don't ye quarrel my dears-don't ye!" this then shows how he feels about the women and hasn't got the strength to tell two of them they are not wanted. Spiv in love was written by Bill Norton and written in the late 50's but is set further along in time compared to Tony Kytes in the 1800's. The story is set around 3 characters Myra, Eunice and of coarse Spiv the male figure in the story. Spiv is a man who likes to have many women just like Tony Kytes and he is very conscious of his clothes and the way he looks, however the most important part to his character is that his girlfriend whoever it may be must be a show off to all his friends and family. The two stories contrast in the sense that one is set in a rural area and the other in completely the opposite in the busy city of London. ...read more.


yet when he does come across a women he still treats them with the same unfairness as does Tony kytes except with Tony Kytes he doesn't directly mistreat them only in the sense that he is going along with 3 ladies at one time. Spiv however cannot see how this mistreating is wrong, instead of showing love towards Myra he only wants her to be a true reflection of him and nothing else this suggests he isn't really interested in her only as an idol of possessions. "and a bloke cant show em' off to his mates, which I like to do" from this you can see his lack of respect as he refers to the ladies as em meaning them and it shows he 'uses' women as a source of attention another point showing this can be seen when he says "I have no intention of sticking with her", this complete lack of respect towards both Myra and Eunice all adds up to the cunning and self loved character that Spiv is. Tony Kytes however is the same sort of person but underneath, his feelings for women and in his case all 3 of them have the same meaning as Spivs in the sense that he has no respect or no love for any one of them but would rather treat all of them the same and have 3 compared to one, both male characters do this and cannot decide which women they want. ...read more.

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