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Compare the methods Denise Levertov uses to present a particular culture in "What were They Like?" with the methods another poet uses to present a culture or cultures in one other poem

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Compare the methods Denise Levertov uses to present a particular culture in "What were They Like?" with the methods another poet uses to present a culture or cultures in one other poem In both poems it is noticeable that both are composed to present a particular culture. For example, "What were they like?" by Denise Levertov presents a particular culture by the use of questioning this is particularly highlighted by question 1 "Did the people of Vietnam use lanterns of stone?" The use of questioning distinguishes and highlights the difference in the two cultures in particular the Vietnamese and the Americans. This is particularly useful because one can assume that it's used in order to show the two different cultures communicating with each other. For example, the questioning is done by an American soldier and the answers declared by a Vietnamese person which one can assume is translated by an American. ...read more.


During lines 25 to 30 the scavengers gazed at the couple and the poet connotates the couple as an "odorless Tv ad." Presenting to the reader that the couple represent the "American Dream" which Ferlinghetti is implying that the "American Dream" will always be a dream as he presents that in reality a lot of people have tough jobs like the two scavengers where their work starts at four am. Showing that Ferlinghetti has noticed and expressed that this American dream isn't reality for most and that in America these four people are exposed to each other by the red traffic light "And the very red light for an instant holding all four close together." Ferlinghetti presents conclusively, that in America there are subcultures which is caused by the huge division between rich and poor. Which is highlighted by the four people in the streets of downtown San Francisco in the morning rush hour. ...read more.


In order to present this particular culture as unique. Because the Americans didn't know much about the Vietnam culture other than North Vietnam where simply "the enemy." Furthermore, from the view of the poet it is emphasising how the Americans knew nothing of there cultures and that this war destroyed the knowledge passed on from the last generation to the next generation. as in the answers it declares "maybe fathers told their sons old tales." Furthermore, in Two Scavengers in a truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes presents a particular culture by declaring towards the end the light changes and the two sets people got their own way's like ships 'on the high seas.' Declaring to the reader that within the American there is huge culture even thought there closeness is through is the 'gulf.' In conclusion, using certain techniques and highlighting certain issues. Both poems by Ferlinghetti and Levertov emphasises a particular culture by using certain types of grammar. Use of highlighting certain parts and the way it is in particular the way Levertov uses question and answer type style. ...read more.

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