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Compare the poems, showing how the two poets use language to express their feelings.

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Write about the two stories, comparing the main characters and the relationships between men and women? In Tickets please by D.H Lawrence the character of John Thomas is shown and his attitude towards women. He enjoys flirting with lots of women and always chooses the pretty ones. 'Flirts with conductors in the morning, and walks out with them in the dark night'. John Thomas appears to become acquainted with variety of women very quickly. From meeting a woman in the morning time, he will be taking her out in the same evening. He is portrayed as having a charming character, although at times he is cheeky. 'He always came up smiling, with impudence'. He has a pleasant look on his face but on some occasions he can be disrespectful. At the end of the story John Thomas becomes 'uneasy' and through the women who he has been seeing are all together he begins 'mistrusting them'. Obviously he is feeling uncomfortable because he is shocked by the fact that suddenly he is confronted with the seven women, who he has been flirting with all in one place. Needless to say he feels a sense of mistrust as it must be clear to him that the women have been talking together and discovered that he has flirted with all of them. ...read more.


If they thought that the relationship well not going with a man they would get very upset. 'She wept with indignation, desolation and misery'. Her emotions would be more profound because she would have everything to lose. However at the beginning of the new relationship or when a women first set eyes on a man she would begin to feel very close. 'As if she melted into his very bones' This type of closeness could not be expressed in a better way. A century ago men and women behaved very differently, towards each other, than they do these days. This may pretty have been due to the fact that they were more isolated. The women in Tickets Please lived in a small town and did not know what was happening in other parts of the country. 'The cold little town that shivers on the edge of the wild gloomy country beyond' these days life is not so desolate and lonely because there is more transport available and more coverage in newspapers. With the invention of the television, the media has made it possible to be invold in the lives of people from different parts of the country indeed all over the world. We are no longer contains in our own small areas. The character of Tony Kytes, the Arch -Deceiver by Thomas Hardy as different from that of John in Tickets Please. ...read more.


Also Annie does not treat John as serious contended to marriage. The women in both Tony Kytes and Tickets Please are deceiving themselves when they portent not to be interested in the men question. Although the women in Ticket please show that they have no desire to be with John they were waiting eagerly to be asked to marry him. They were deviated when John asked Annie. This shows that although john behaving badly he was still well asked. The women in Tony's life also have feelings in Tony and both Hannah and Unity are waiting for Tony to ask them second time to marry him 'hoping he would ask her agin' this shows Unity and Hannah are not very forth right with their feeling on they have initially turns Tony down. This has possibly happened because they are too shy to show their true feelings. A hundred years ago men and women were starting to become more flirty than they previously had been. However there were still limits and boundaries. The women who John and Tony flirted with appeared to enjoy the attention they received. He because of the John's action being more out outrageous he loses all girls. Tony on the other hand is not quite as wild as John and there for wins the hands of Milly. The stories we have looked at are similar in many ways in that they both show flirtations between men and women hundred years ago. ?? ?? ?? ?? Suba Kanapathippillai ...read more.

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