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Compare the Presentation of Nature in one Heaney poem, one Clarke poem and two pre-1914 poems.

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Compare the Presentation of Nature in one Heaney poem, one Clarke poem and two pre-1914 poems. My essay will compare the presentation of nature in Seamus Heaney's Death of a Naturalist, Gillian Clarke's A Difficult Birth, Easter 1998 as well as Patrolling Barnegat and Sonnet from the pre-1914 bank. Nature is a theme which can be represented in different ways. Poets choose nature as a theme in their poems for different reasons. Some choose nature as they see it as something beautiful where as others choose it due to its power to be cruel and destructive. Many poets use nature as a background to a human experience and is often used to represent emotions and events. In Death of a Naturalist Seamus Heaney uses nature as theme to desribe his change of emotions. In A Difficult Birth Gillian Clarke uses nature as a theme to represent the Irish peace talks, an event which was occuring at Easter time in 1998. A number of pre-1914 poets also use nature to represent what their poem is about. In Patrolling Barnegat the poet Walt Whitman uses nature to show how destructive it can be through a storm and in Sonnet John Clare uses nature to describe the beatry of the countryside during the summer months. ...read more.


Another way in which the structure is used in a way in which it relates to the theme of nature is the rhyme scheme. In Patrolling Barnegat, at the end of every line each word ends with -ing such as remitting, careering and slanting, I believe this is done to again emphasise that the event of the storm is happening as the poem is being written. The rhyme scheme of Sonnet differs to that of Patrolling Barnegat. In Sonnet there is a simple rhyme scheme in which two lines have two endings which have the same sound and/or spelling. I believe Clare uses such a simple rhyme scheme because it is like a summery day in the countryside, uncomplicated and simple in it's beauty. All four poets use language and imagery from nature to make the events and emotions within the poem seem more vivid. In Death of a Naturalist, Heaney uses war-like language to desribe the situation he finds himself in with the frogs, he uses words such as Invaded and grenades to describe the frogs and their actions when the frogs enter the dam. He sees the frogs as being things terrifying like war, and uses this sort of language to desribe it. ...read more.


Fear is shown in Patrolling Barnegat as the people patrolling Barnegat fear that if the sea does "attack" then they will perish so they act cautiously. As well as fear, three of the poems also contain happiness, these three poems being Sonnet, Death of a Naturalist and A Difficult Birth. Sonnet is a generally happy poem. John Clare seems to be happy due to it being summer and him being in the countryside. Death of a Naturalist begins with Seamus Heaney being happy workin with the frogspawn but then his perception changes where as in A Difficult Birth the poem begins in a worrying tone, but once the two lambs are borned meaning the peace deal has been signed then there is happiness. In conclusion, all four of these poems are made to be more powerful through their use of nature. Natural images are used to help us imagine feelings and ideas more clearly, even if it is beyond our personal experiences. I find the use of nature to represent emotions particularly moving in A Difficult Birth as it enables the poet to desribe their emotions and feelings of at first worry and then relief and joy in a very well worked way. ...read more.

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