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Compare the two films "The Others and the "Turn of the screw".

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Sidrah Sarfraz Media Coursework Task Compare the two films "The Others" and "Turn of the screw" which are effective examples of the film genre psychological horror. The two films "The Others" written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar and the "Turn of the screw" directed by Tom Mc Loughlin based on the novel by Henry James, are both psychological horror films that consist of a haunting plot and make you think as they are full of suspense and have a moody and intense atmosphere. "The Others" has a very unusual starting with a black screen which disorientates the audience right from the very beginning and even the comforting tones of "Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin" from 'listen with mother' that are heard as a voice over don't soothe the audiences minds. Next it looks like a flickering candle is being held over a page, this gives a mysterious feel, as if something is shadowing over, as ghosts do. The paper is brown, this gives the feeling that it is from an old book and has some history to it. On the page are pictures of the sun and animals and the voice over tells the biblical story, very briefly, of how the world was created by God. This makes you think that the story has some link to religion and/or the characters are religious. ...read more.


Walker together when they are whispering to each other. In "The others" the girl talks about ghosts and tries convincing her little brother who is terrified of it and her deeply religious mother that ghosts do exist and they are in their home. When she tells her mother she says that she disbelieves that this could ever happen as God wouldn't allow the world of the living and the dead to be mixed up together She punishes her daughter, making her stand at the top of the staircase reciting the bible for days on end so that god will protect her from evil and that it will stop her from having what she calls strange ideas about ghosts. The two films are set in large houses, 'In turn of....' The house is very gothic looking with a large picture of a haunting dog above the fireplace in the room with the large grand piano this gives an uneasy feel to the room and questions why someone would put that sort of picture in a family home. In 'The others there is also a very dark look to the house as the lighting used is very dim to create an intense and secretive atmosphere. 'In Turn of....' there is contrast between the brightness outside the house in the open green gardens and the darkness in the corridors at night when Mrs. ...read more.


Walker gets miles to reject Peter and in doing so he uses up so much energy and power that he dies. In this last scene of ' turn of...' there is lots of atmosphere created with the use of flickering candles that are blown out by the wind, the windows open and close as the wind blows into the room and the curtains are also blown around. Then Peter Quint and miles are shown together for the first time and When Mrs. Walker tells Miles to say no to Quint he looks vulnerable. Throughout the whole film he is presented as a very mature child that is confident and evil but at the end he looks small and vulnerable compared with the strong figure of Peter Quint that slowly fades away. And when the audience finally think that Quint is out of their lives and that they will live happily together she pulls miles away from her chest and he is dead. In 'The Others' it finishes with Grace holding on to her two children telling the story of when they died and the maid comes in to view at the doorway she tries to comfort Grace she says "That's exactly what Liddy said when she found out we were ghosts" she is trying to compare the experience they had to that of her own and in doing she is trying to show her that they are in the same situation and that they are alike as they share the same experiences. ...read more.

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