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compare the two poems; To his coy mistress and sonnet

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To his coy mistress and sonnet To his coy mistress is a metaphysical poem, therefore emphasises carpe diem (seize the day) and uses time continually through the poem to create a light yet poignant atmosphere. However this is concealed by the lusty, insincere manner as the speaker will presumably say anything to argue his case. Yet the light-hearted tone of the poem suffers from the introduction of the concept of death in the 2nd stanza, as a result, the overall tone is more melancholy than it would have been otherwise. "Two hundred to adore each breast" As throughout the entire first section of the poem, here the speaker is using sleazy, sexually orientated language, focusing on the woman's breasts as opposed to more amorous areas. He is flattering his lover to the point of exaggeration, attempting to trick her into falling for his allure. The tone in this section is thus predominantly sexual, yet the reader is forced to feel displeased by the mans pressuring language to the timid woman. There is drantic change in the mood of the poem in the second stanza, "worms," "dust," and "ashes" These words alter the tone introduced in first section of the poem through imagery associated with death and decomposition. ...read more.


However the lofty mood still remains, as by referring to both day and night, their love is shown to be limitless. As the poem progresses, the mood diminishes faintly as the speaker's perspective "comes down to earth" a little, shifting from its religious tone to a focus on human interests. "I love thee freely, as men strive for Right" the writer selects a particularly glorified image of humanity to identify with her love, thus this personification creates a moral disposition among the reader, and generating a positive atmosphere. The poem takes a turn in the closing stages, the speaker's broad and abstract view becoming personal, turning away religion to her individual past. "In my old griefs and with my childhood's faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to lose" Specifically, she describes her love such that it changes the quality of grief. This creates a poignant tone to the poem, making the reader feel sympathy for the writer. This technique is also used in to his coy mistress, as the reader is made to feel compassionate for the woman and her anguish. The concluding lines of the poem take on a passionate aura, as if the woman is attempting to shout it to the world. ...read more.


Marvell's poem explores the physical side of love, rather than the emotional views of sonnet. He refers to sex throughout the poem, as this is what he hopes to accomplish from his lover. He does not see sex as making love, and believes the woman should embrace his views as he is the dominant male. The speaker only refers to love in the first paragraph, as he feels the woman may be wooed by his sentiments. As he becomes increasingly impatient however, he merely uses sex as leverage. Unlike sonnet, the predominant style of love is not emotional but physical, and does not refer to spiritual love as its opposition. My preferred poem is sonnet as opposed to to his coy mistress, as it uses powerful language to convey the love the poet feels for her significant other. It creates an in depth view of the emotions felt by someone in love in a variety of ways, with the religious views of the woman bring the poem into context. As well as creating the intense atmosphere that is used, the metaphorical language is superior to those of to his coy mistress, proving it to be a well written, well executed poem that explores the concept of love perfectly, creating a satisfying finality to its ending. ...read more.

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