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Compare the views of love expressing in " First Love" and "A Birthday". How have the writers use the language effectively?

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Arisara K. 10V Compare the views of love expressing in " First Love" and "A Birthday". How have the writers use the language effectively? " First Love" was written by John Clare, a nineteenth century poet. Clare grew up in extreme poverty and had little access to books. The poem " First Love" was dedicated to his lover, Mary Joyce, a daughter of a rich farmer. Christina Rossetti, a Victorian poet wrote "A Birthday" addressing the poem to the love of her life. These two poems seem to have some similarities and differences between them. Both poems portray the theme of love but the loves are expressed in different aspects and categories by the use of the language. In the first stanza of " First Love" there is a use of repetition," With love so sudden and so sweet". The " so sudden and so sweet" describes the feeling of love at first sight, which is different to " A Birthday" which does not convey any sense of immediate love. ...read more.


"A Birthday" portrays the relationship by the human senses such as, "My heart is like a singing bird" and "My heart is like an apple-tree". The use of similes comparing the love and natural images exist in " A Birthday" as well as " First Love". The " singing bird" provides the sense of hearing which seems to be very pure and romantic. " An apple- tree" provides the sense of tasting. Again, it portrays feelings of sweetness in the relationship. The tenses in the two poems are very important by the way love is expressed. " First Love" has the use of past tense but " A Birthday" talks about the future of the relationship. The word " Birthday" is a connotation because it not only implies the beginning of the poet's life, but also the beginning of the poet's life with their loved one as a married couple. The birthday might be the wedding day. ...read more.


The repetition of " My heart" and " My love" emphasis the passions of the relationship. The speaker compares their heart's emotions to various objects throughout the poem. In conclusion, First love has a simple rhyming scheme and uses very basic language to show the innocence of the man it is happening to. It begins by talking about how it is love at first sight and uses horrible words to describe love and the feelings that it also brings. In the second stanza it speaks of love taking things away form him. And how "blood rushed" to his face and this shows his embarrassment due to his misunderstanding of the feelings he was undergoing. Finally in the last verse he poses many questions which also his feelings. He had changed and could "return no more." But " A Birthday" was different; the poet seems to be more be more mature and calm about the expressed feelings. The use of classical ideas of " halcyon sea" makes the poet, Christina Rossetti slightly more educated and religious than Clare. ...read more.

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