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Compare the way four poets write about events which have happened to them

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Compare the way four poets write about events which have happened to them In this essay I am going to compare four different poems on the theme of events that have occurred and how they are displayed. I will explore the different methods and techniques used by the poet to convey the story and event. I am going to compare, "The Affliction of Margaret", "On my first Sonne", "Mid-Term Break" and "Cold Knap Lake". In The Affliction of Margaret, the tone is set almost immediately, because the reader is asked a question, "Where art thou, my beloved Son" this is the first line of the poem and it suggest that the character has lost her son, because she is questioning "where art thou", from this we see that the poem is based on a mother and son theme. "Where art thou, worse to me than dead?" here the poet questions the audience, by using a rhetorical question, this technique involves the read more emotionally. The quotation shows that her son is missing, and the idea that it is on the same level of being dead, if not worse because having your child missing, creates a false hope that they will return, whereas knowing they are dead, will allow you to come to terms with it, and your mind will be at peace even though there has been a indescribable loss. ...read more.


this tells the reader that he has already lost a child. This poem is fairly emotional and plays with the concept of death. Jonson refers to his son as a sin - "my sinne was too much hope of thee" - this shows that Jonson has accepted the death of his son. "Seven yeeres tho'wert lent to me, and I thee pay" - this shows that Jonson feels that his son was lent to him from God, and his death was just him returning to where he belonged and his death was meant to be. The tone of this poem is much more subtle and peaceful; it is based on how his son was a blessing etc, whereas in The Affliction of Margaret the tone and theme are unsettled and static, because there is a sense of anxiety and distress, because the boy is missing. Ben Jonson sees his son as a piece his best piece of work "... his best piece of poetrie". Due to his death, Jonson may never enjoy his life again for the fear that he might loose his loved ones - "as what he loves may never like too much". This is the last line of the poem and suggests the end, because he said he will never be too happy again. ...read more.


The idea that she was brought back to life, and when she arrives home is beaten by her father, creates several ideas in the reader's head, either the girl is being taught a lesson, that she should not be so careless, or she is being abused; this technique involves the reader more. The poem ends on a morbid tone, "in that lake with poor man's daughter". In all four poems there is a sense of death, and the poets are all telling a past event, in The Affliction of Margaret its about her missing son, and all her problems, and her unsettled mind, in On my first Sonne, there is a sense of peace and the rush and uncertainty in The Affliction of Margaret is not there, because Ben Jonson has accept the death of his death, and has justified it, by seeing his son more as a blessing, then a person. Mid-term break is also based on the same theme of death, because it is about a funeral, and the effects is has caused, and in Cold Knap lake, the event is the discovery of a dead girl that is brought back to life. All the poems use metaphors, personification to bring the poem to life to explain their personal events. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jay Patel Ms Langsmith 1/3 ...read more.

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