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Compare the way in which Robert Louis Stevenson and William Golding use fable in "Lord of the flies" and "The House of Eld".

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Compare the way in which Robert Louis Stevenson and William Golding use fable in "Lord of the flies" and "The House of Eld" A fable is a short story from which a generalised moral can be drawn. A fable usually contains magical features and talking animals. The settings are usually unrealistic and universal and the events are not literally true. Fables have a strong element of folk-tales, such as the repeating pattern of events and the pattern of three. Aesop's fables are well known fables. For example the story of "The hare and the tortoise" for which the moral is "plodding wins the race". Another is "The fox and the grapes" for which the moral is "It is easy to despise what you cannot get". Writers use this genre to present a message or to get their ideas across. ...read more.


It was written after World War Two, when threat of a nuclear attack seemed very real. As a child he loved reading desert island stories, "Coral Island" being his favourite. It was a story about three boys living on a deserted island who lived in bliss. But he soon found that this story was far from real when he became a teacher at a public boys school. The "lord of the Flies" was strongly influenced by the story of "Coral Island" and Golding's role in the war. He was sceptical about the optimism about the end of the war and thought that people were trying to place evil somewhere else. He wanted people to confront it. The Purpose of "Lord of the Flies" was to show that Evil resides in everyone. The audience for his book was adults as it is a novel and uses some difficult vocabulary. ...read more.


Phases such as "Jupiter is longsuffering to the benighted" suggest a setting in the Roman period, as Jupiter is a god from Roman mythology. However the lines "There was in that village a sword of heavenly forgery" and "Then he asked after the Wood of Eld and the house of sorcery", suggest that the setting is a l village close to some wood, typical of the fable genre. The setting of "Lord of the Flies" is also an unknown place, an unknown uninhabited island. Although "The House of Eld" is closer to the typical setting of a fable, the setting of "Lord of the Flies" is much more universalised. Golding uses his island setting as a microcosm of the real world. It is a small representation of the war and what happens to society when civilisation is taken away. The quote "Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilisation that knew nothing of him and was in ruins" "The House of Eld" uses archaic language as it was written in Victorian Times. ...read more.

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