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'Compare the way that Thomas hardy writes about the effects of marriage on his characters' behaviour and lives in a selection of his short stories.'

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Year 11 Prose Study Coursework 'Compare the way that Thomas hardy writes about the effects of marriage on his characters' behaviour and lives in a selection of his short stories.' Introduction Thomas Hardy was born in higher bockhampton Dorset in 1840. His first career move was an architect in London he then went on to be a short story novelist. He married twice his first wife Emma and second Florence.He him self being much like many of the characters being born and bread a country boy to grow up to be part of a working class family. Hardy died in 1928in Dorchester. Thomas Hardy got his inspiration for many of his stories by local gossip or from a story currently in the news papers at that particular time. Hardy would set stories much earlier and use different names and places so he wouldn't upset anyone. "The Son's Veto" Was based on Hardy himself and stemmed back from his own experience with this mother. She works for a vicar at the time of class distinction and snobbery. In "The Son's Veto" the marriage of sophy and twycott takes place this is convenient for sophy. "Well - do you want to marry? ...read more.


"The man who had asked her in marriage was a desirable husband for her in many ways." Phyllis knows that she should be grateful for such a man as Humphrey Gould. The engagement is viewed by people in different ways. "Phyllis, in bringing him to her feet, had accomplished what was considered a brilliant move for one in her constrained position." People thought of Phyllis as lucky marrying such a desirable man. But others shamed on the fact that he was a class a both her and it was wrong to marry out of class. "In those days unequal marriages were regarded rather as a violation of the laws of nature" People disapproved of a marriage such as this and found it unacceptable. Phyllis and Humphrey's relationship drifted apart and as a couple hardly spoke to each other. "The stone wall of necessity made anything like intimacy difficult." It was as if a brick wall was dividing them they found it difficult to talk and there relationship rather much broke down. Phyllis becomes very close to Matthaus and wants to elope with him. "She always said that the one feature in his proposal which overcome her hesitation was the obvious purity and straightforwardness of his intentions." Phyllis likes the qualities that she finds in Matthaus. She doesn't elope with Matthaues. ...read more.


"Perhaps I shall put a loving question to you after all, instead of Milly." If he thinks one girl is prettier than the other then he'll change his mind. Tony treats all the women in the story badly and in the end resorts back to Milly. "And what must be must be, I suppose. Hey Milly" Because Tony kept asking different women they all turn his offer down and he ends up marrying Milly. Summary The story that appealed to me the most was "Tony Kytes, The Arch-Deceiver" This was because it was funny to see just how he work and thought he could get away with asking all these different women to marry him and that he just ended up marrying Milly because the other two women would have married him after what he done to them. The Character I had most sympathy for was Gertrude because it was unfair that she was unaware of Rhoda and Lodges past. And after she was disfigured by the marks on her arm Lodge didn't want anything more to do with her. In all of these short stories I think Thomas Hardy was trying to convey the real meaning of marriage and how seriously it was taken to marry out of class in those days. Also how you would put your social respect at threat by marring the wrong person. ...read more.

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