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Compare the way that two of the poems you have studied show an interesting and unusual view of life in the city.

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Compare the way that two of the poems you have studied show an interesting and unusual view of life in the city. I have chosen "cries of London" and "composed upon Westminster Bridge" because they are two very different poems. One of them " composed upon Westminster Bridge" shows the beauty wonders of London whereas " cries of London" is very dark and colourless, and shows all the negativity in London. Both of these poets stick to two very different points throughout the whole poems, the positive and the negative. "Cries of London" is about all the unpleasant and bad issues in London such as "drunks" "muggings" and "weirdo's". He writes about London being a dangerous and scary place by looking at it in a very biased way. ...read more.


He describes London the way he would describe a lady. Maybe that explains the sonnet. The similarities of these two poems is not much, both the poets, are writing about they're opinions of London except one is positive the other negative and one is written and set in 1809 whereas the other poem ("cries of London") is very modern. Another obvious difference is that one of the poems "cries of London" is very lifeless and unenthusiastic it is written as if the writer didn't care about all the goings on in london anymore whereas William wordsworth uses very lively and interesting words such as "splendour" and "glittering" etc... The theme of "composed upon Westminster Bridge" is what you can see, the beautiful sights of London e.g. ...read more.


He uses personification such as "The river glideth at his own sweet will" and "The city now doth, like a garment wear". Wordsworth also uses metaphors to describe the city and make the poem more interesting, for example "And all that mighty heart is lying still!" Yet the structure that Wordsworth uses is very boring and simple. The differences in the techniques that both the poets use are that Magee tries, in his poem, to make a very dull and unmoving atmosphere whilst Wordsworth tries to do exact the opposite. The two poems don't have a similarity in techniques. In my opinion I prefer the poem "composed upon Westminster Bridge" because the poet uses sentences that create beautiful pictures in your head. But Even though I think "cries of London" is very depressing, I have to say that it is most interesting and unusual way of looking at London out of the two. ...read more.

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