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Compare the way the authors create suspense in the two stories “The Speckled Band” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and “Uneasy Homecoming” by Will F.Jenkins

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7"Compare the way the authors create suspense in the two stories "The Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and "Uneasy Homecoming" by Will F.Jenkins." Introduction 'Suspense is a state or feeling, of anxiousness or uncertainty, while awaiting news or an event to occur'. The two-suspense story's "The Speckled Band" and the "Uneasy Homecoming" where both written at different times yet it is precisely this feeling that both authors are trying to create. The first story "The Speckled Band" was wrote in the 1880's and "Uneasy Homecoming" was written in the 1970's. The differences in the two stories are that "Uneasy Homecoming" keeps you in suspense throughout the whole story. The sentence's are wrote in short yet very effective way's that keep you in suspense throughout the entire story. The other difference being is that one of the authors is modern and the other is old fashioned. The author in Uneasy Homecoming creates suspense, in the first paragraph by telling you the feelings that Connie is encountering, like 'Connie began to have the feeling of dread and uneasiness in the taxi but, told herself it was not reasonable'. ...read more.


In the Speckled Band there isn't that much change in the two settings as one of them is in at Sherlock's home and the other is in the Roylott's mansion. So it is basically going from one home to another, the only way the settings change, is that Sherlock's home is London, and Roylott mansion is in Stoke Moran. The difference between the two houses is that at one of them, there was a murder and that was at the Roylott's Mansion. The houses are similar, in that, they are both portrayed with the feeling of isolation. In the Uneasy Homecoming it goes, 'their house was the only one that had been built on the other side of the bay.' And in the 'Speckled Band' it say's, 'There's the village, said the drive pointing to a cluster of roofs some distance to the left.' The author uses the settings to create suspense by placing the two main settings in isolated and remote places. ...read more.


The reason that we find out at the end is that I fell this add's more suspense to the story. It also makes us want to read on, to find out whom the villain actually is. In the Uneasy Homecoming, again the same type of thing, we find out who the villain is right at the end of the play. I fell the authors do this to make us read on, as if we where told at the start whom the villain actually was, we would be tempted in not finishing the rest of the story. I cannot actually find any relevant similarities between the two villains yet there are a couple of differences between the two. Dr Roylott is a very clever man, who has thought his plans out very carefully and had everything prepared. As we find out in the play, it says, 'A ventilator opened up into another room, and Dummy bell ropes, these where both quite modern' indicating to the reader why are they there? Where as Charlie, Mrs Winston's son, is the type who just plans things on the spur of the moment. ...read more.

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