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Compare the way the male characters are presented in 'Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver', and 'Alison Ashworth' by Nick Hornby.

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Compare the way the male characters are presented in 'Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver', and 'Alison Ashworth' by Nick Hornby. The two stories 'Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver' and 'Alison Ashworth', are both about a male character who is easily persuaded by the opposite gender into marriage or a relationship. In the two stories, both the male characters seem to have the females making their decisions for them, but the setting of the two stories seem to have great affect on the characters and how they react, because 'Tony Kytes' is written in 1895 and 'Alison Ashworth' is written in 1995, therefore each writer would have a different interpretation on the way they see life. In 'Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver', the character Tony 'was quite the women's favourite', and would 'hurt his looks in a woman's eye'. Tony would flirt towards any girl whilst talking to them, by using words like 'darling' to compliment them and to make them feel special. His attitude towards women would be 'very tender' and 'as mild as he could', to try and manipulate the girls to do what he wants. By using his wit and charms, the women felt overwhelmed and obliged to do what Tony asked. ...read more.


Concerning the boy, it makes us feel quite sorry for him as he gets 'adopted' by Alison. Both of the two stories have differences and similarities, but the main similarity is how both male characters get themselves into different types of relationship issues that arise in their lives. Other similarities include, their personalities like how they deal with the females in each story, that they easily persuade the males into relationships with each other. The differences that they have between the two males are that the teenage boy in 'Alison Ashworth' is having his first experience with the opposite sex, whereas, Tony in 'the arch-deceiver' is considering marriage. Another difference is that, the time that both the stories are set in, affects their character and how they act towards one another. The story 'Tony Kytes' has three women that Tony goes after, Milly Richards, who Tony is set to marry, Unity Sallet, 'a handsome girl', that he was 'very tender towards, before he'd got engaged to Milly' and Hannah Jolliver, Tony's first love. Overall, all the women are basically 'pushovers' and easily persuaded, because they'll do anything to be with Tony. Firstly it was Unity to approach Tony, however, as soon as Milly is in sight, Tony asks Unity to cover herself 'with the tarpaulin'. ...read more.


The way that she manages to 'get off' with the teenage boy, she 'peels of from the female pack', 'adopts' him and 'tucks him under her arm'. Alison is seen as she is in charge of their relationship, as the boy had 'no input into the decision-making process'. The author makes us see that Alison is a confident character by how she just went to kiss him and became 'intimate' with her, which was unexpected. In a way, the author makes us feel that she is quite 'up' herself, that she can get her way with boys anyway she wants. Concluding it altogether, I think that in 'Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver', the characters, both male and female, are typically male and female, because 'Tony Kytes' just goes from one girl to the next, without considering any real thought about each one. The female characters in 'the arch-deceiver' are typically female; because of the way they just 'throw' themselves at men like that. In 'Alison Ashworth', the characters are the complete opposite to the characters in 'the arch-deceiver', maybe because of the time difference, it has a huge affect on their behaviour. The character that I had the most sympathy for, would have to be the teenage boy, because what he goes through, through his first relationship, he has no absolute 'input' into his relationship, what so-ever. Kajal Maisuria 11IW ...read more.

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