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Compare the way the writers of In Paris with you and Praise song for my mother make use of repetition.

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Compare the way the writers of 'In Paris with you' and 'Praise song for my mother' make use of repetition. In Paris with You is a poem about love and regret. Paris, a city traditionally associated with love and romance, is the poem's setting but Fenton substitutes the clich�s of love poetry with the description of two people in a neglected hotel room. The person describes the lover, the room and his confused emotions. The poem has a light hearted but also intense tone. Praise songs reflect an African tradition and are written to celebrate the lives of the people they are written about. Praise Song for My Mother is based on Grace Nichols' childhood memories of her mother. In the poem Nichols celebrates her own mother. ...read more.


Fenton refers to him as "a hostage" and says he is "marooned," creating the impression of someone who is not yet free from the emotions of his recent relationship. In the last line of the stanza, however, the speaker seems to be feeling more optimistic when he says "But I'm in Paris with you." Throughout the poem, the speaker talks directly to the person he has just met. The fifth stanza opens with the phrase "Don't talk to me of love." The speaker probably was in love previously but doesn't want to get emotionally involved in his new relationship. He wants to talk about Paris "in our view," but what they actually see is a "crack across the ceiling and the hotel walls are peeling". ...read more.


In the fourth stanza the rhyming words "room" and "whom" are at the end of the first and third lines rather than consecutive lines. The stanzas are of irregular length, and it is noticeable that the lines of the fourth stanza are all very short, adding emphasis to it. However, in Praise Song for My Mother by repeating "you were" throughout the poem Grace Nichols emphasises that the poem is written to her mother and she is talking directly to her. It also shows that the writer is constantly being reminded of her mother and it shows that they had a strong maternal relationship for her to be constantly reminded of her mother. The metaphors which Nichols uses to describe the importance of her mother are all drawn from the natural world - things that surrounded her in her childhood: "water", "moon", "sunrise", "crab" and "fishes". ...read more.

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