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Compare the ways feelings are presented in Anne Hathaway, Kid, My Last Duchess and The Laboratory

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Compare the ways feelings are presented in 'Anne Hathaway', 'Kid', 'My Last Duchess' and 'The Laboratory' (36 Marks) 'Anne Hathaway', 'Kid', 'The Laboratory' and 'My Last Duchess' all describe one person's feelings for another person. 'Anne Hathaway' describes a mutual and passionate love, "the bed we loved in", whilst 'Kid' talks about anger and resentment towards a "father figure", who is referred to "Batman" to give a sense of irony. He feels "Batman" has "let me loose to wander", let go of him and "left me isolated in the gutter", this triggers a sense of sympathy from the reader. On the other hand, the narrators of 'My Last Duchess' and 'The Laboratory' both have sinister feelings of bitterness towards a lover. In 'My Last Duchess', the reader gets the impression that the poet has killed his wife when he drops sinister comments such as "as if she were alive", whilst in 'The Laboratory', the woman wants to kill the lover of the men she loves, she says "let death be felt". ...read more.


At that point, he felt betrayed and bitter but that has led to him feeling triumphant and free from the relationship which made him feel like a "ball boy". This form could also be a way of showing the narrators feelings of anger, his whole life is represented as one stanza, all revolved around his feelings of bitterness and betrayal due to his abandonment from "Batman" at the beginning of his life, the beginning of the poem. He cannot separate himself from this, no matter how much he tries to put the impression across that he is over it. The form of 'My Last Duchess' is also one long stanza. This, however, is because of his speech to the "sir" he is talking to. In speech form, despite it being a conversation, the poet shows that the narrator does not allow a word in edgeways. ...read more.


out that there love was almost impossible, therefore nobody else would be able to feel it and that is why she has been given the "second best bed", everybody else would think that is strange and that she should be given the best bed but Anne Hathaway understands why she has been given it as she is the one who was Shakespeare's lover, the one who feels closest to him. 'Kid' is written in the 2nd tense, however, in order to give a sense of direct address. This is to speak directly to "Batman", and to make him feel what has happened to the one he used to be a "father figure" for. The narrator wants to feel triumphant over "Batman" and this is a way of doing so. Direct address is also a way of making the reader understand how much hurt abandonment causes, and warns them not to do the same thing. ...read more.

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