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Compare the ways in which the poets convey strong feelings about soldiers going off to war in the above two poems

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Compare the ways in which the poets convey strong feelings about soldiers going off to war in the above two poems. [20] In 'Joining the colours', strong feelings are evidently shown in the first line of the poem, as the soldiers are presented as to being 'smooth cheeked and golden'. But the line continues to describe the soldiers as being 'food for shells and guns'. (Line 2 ) Straight into the poem, Tynan has used imagery to create a vivid image in the reader's mind. This is able to gain the reader's attention to the two different types of 'strong feelings' that are conveyed in the poem by both the soldiers and also people that are passing by. The opening line to 'The Send Off' is more dramatic and dark compared to 'Joining the Colours'. The line begins with irony. 'Down the close darkening lanes they sang their way' (Line 1) It is ironic as Owen is referring not only to the trenches[S1], but also to the soldiers death. However, the same sense of imagery that was used in 'Joining the Colours' is also used in 'The Send Off' The[S2] descriptive language allows the readers mind to 'run wild' as to the hidden meaning [S3]that is used in that line. ...read more.


[S18]Tynan writes that they 'pipe their way to glory' but later goes on to say 'and their grave' (Line 10). She is showing that the soldier's view of the war is in a way an unrealistic one as they are unaware of the danger that is to come. She ends the line with view of passers who are aware of the danger of the war. I think that in 'Joining the colours', Katherine Tynan ends the final lines of each stanza with a powerful effect. 'The mother's sons... Into the dark... Love cannot save... Singing they pass' (Lines 4, 8 12 and 16) The shortness of the irregular lines of each stanza adds to the suspense and the drama. Owen uses the same effect in a different way as he 'To the siding-shed... As men's are, dead... Stood staring hard...' (Lines 2, 5, and 7) Owen uses an effect which makes a chill go down the reader's spine whereas when In 'Joining the colours' the approach to the war is in a way livelier. The soldiers are more confident about the war and are more gallant. 'High heart, High courage' The 'Send Off' is more saddening as the feelings conveyed are more the opposite. ...read more.


[S10]Well - there is no rhyme scheme in your quotation so this is confusing and you must AT ALL TIMES be clear. Words like "stuck" also stand out and maybe even hint at the bayonet's that will be "stuck" into them? Also, the flowers are described as both "wreath" (i.e. as at a funeral and "spray". You haven't really said anything about Owen's "different approach" so this statement has been left stranded (thus = no marks) [S11]It's unclear what you mean. [S12]Again this is unclear. [S13]Again - unclear. You are trying to use terms you don't yourself fully understand (tense). It is ALWAYS much better to write using expressions that you are confident about. [S14]Nonsense! [S15]Well - it's a little late in your essay to make such an introductory statement as this. [S16]Indeed - but your job is to explain HOW and WHY he does - what EFFECT it creates and WHY it is done (i.e. to contribute in some important way to the poet's themes and ideas explored in the poem). [S17]Well -you make the soldiers out to be rather foolish - but you don't explain why. Why would the people "know" but not the soldiers? Is this made clear - and if it is why and how? [S18]As above - this is an introductory statement not a part of the later argument. ...read more.

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