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Compare the ways in which the poets have written about love and loss bringing different aspects of the theme. The poems I have chosen to analyse are written from a male and a female perspectives in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Poetry Compare the ways in which the poets have written about love and loss bringing different aspects of the theme. The poems I have chosen to analyse are written from a male and a female perspectives in the 18th and 19th centuries. All the poems describe the aspects of love and loss. Each poet is influenced by sad or happy events in their lives. Some poets share their joy and happiness, while others experience separation. The poems I have chosen are: 'A Birthday' by Christina Rossetti. The poet celebrates love as a joyful event in her life. 'How Do I Love Thee' by Elizabeth Barret Browning. The poem is devoted to her partner with whom she shares her love. 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti. The poet disscuses the aspect of loss and separation by death. ' When We Two Parted' by Lord Byron. The poet conveys his negative feelings about separating. 'A Woman To Her Lover' by Christina Walsh. The poet requires co-equal relationship in the family and quality of marriage. The first poem I am going to analyse is entitled 'A Birthday' by Christina Rossetti. The poet refers to celebration of love and raises the issue of marriage. The poet's thoughts are consistent. In Victorian era people did not speak openly about the physical side of life that's why Christina Rossetti expresses her feelings and emotions through similies and metaphors. The title of the poem 'A Birthday' is a metaphor for celebration of love and happiness. ...read more.


Perhaps the personal emotions and events in life influenced the poet to write the poem. The two poems 'How do I love thee' and 'A Birthday' decribe the aspect of love and both of them were written in Victorian era. However Christina Rossetti's diction is more complicated 'My heart is like an apple tree' comparing to Browning's straight words of her sentiments 'Smiles and tears, of all my life!- .Elizabeth Barret Browning uses simple language and religious vocablury:'ideal grace', 'God choose', 'soul' . Her thoughts are consistent.Christina Rossetti's thoughts are inconsistent. Her feelings are expressed in metaphors: ' My heart is like a singing bird'. The third poem is 'Remember' written by Christina Rossetti.The poet conveys her feelings about an aspect of loss. She gives clear instructions to her lover and relatives, what to do after she is 'gone away'. The ' Remember' follows the Petrarchan style. The first part presents poet's vision and desires that become the subject of the poem. The poet's tone is sad and melancholic in the first octave. The imaprative verbs 'Rember' are used to give significant requests. As a Victorian poetess Christina Rossetti uses euphemisms: 'silent death', 'gone away' instead of direct words like death. 'Remember me when I am gona away'. 'Gone away' is euphemism that stands for the word I die. The poet also depicts death as 'silent land'. These indirect expressions make the poem sound more gentle and pleasant. ...read more.


Christina Walsh dissaproves this kind of marriage, which is more like ' worship'. The poet also deprecats against being a 'delight of her partner's 'clamorous desires'. She stresses that she is a woman, who requires co-equal and respecful relationships in the family/marriage.In the last part Christina Walsh's tone becomes more softer and caring. The poetess offers marriage based on respect and 'love' to 'know the purity and height of passion', and 'of joy and sorrow'. She also discribes the ideal marriage that will last 'until we reach the very heart of god'. Christina Walsh's poem can be seen as a modern type of poem. It is written as some kind of marriage contract and has modern approach to love.Christina Walsh declares what she wants and expects from her husband in co-equal marriage. The poem was written two hundred years later, when women had any sort of power over who they could marry. The poem 'A woman to her lover' is different fro the rest of the poems. It can be linked to Christina Rosseti's ' Remember'. Both poets declare what they want.Christina Rossetti gives instructions to her partner. Christina Walsh declares her rights. The themes of love and loss are explored in these collection of poems. These poems made me concern about the way different poets express their opinions about love and loss. Every poet expresses their sentiments in very immpresive way. Some of them show real examples from life. Some enjoy the smooth course of love while others griefe from declined relaionships. The emotional language used by poets enabled me to experience the emotions and feelings expressed in them. ...read more.

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