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compare the ways people are presented in the 'Night of the scorpion' (page 9) with the ways people are presented in one other poem of your choice from the poems form different cultures

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Question: compare the ways people are presented in the 'Night of the scorpion' (page 9) with the ways people are presented in one other poem of your choice from the poems form different cultures, * Who the people are * What you find out about the people * Similarities between the methods the poet use to present the people * Differences between the methods the poets use to present the people * What you think about the people and how they are presented. People are at the central of some poems as some of the poets are interested with the society and the attitudes towards the people on how they treat each other. On the other hand, sometimes people live completely different lifestyles from one and another. ...read more.


It's separate because it's a clear contrast to the panic in the first stanza of the poem. 'Island man' uses structure to show the confused thoughts of the awaked man. There is no punctuation the line lengths vary and some phrases are misplaced, just like this individual line is, 'He always comes back groggily groggily'. The poetic devises used in he poems differ to show the different ways people are presented. 'Night of the scorpion' is written in the first person, which is from the Childs point of view, but he's an outsider throughout the poem and he can't affect anything. There is a simile used as well, 'the peasants came like swarms of flies and buzzed the name of God hundred times'. The simile makes the villagers seem really panicked. ...read more.


The feelings revealed in 'Island man' obviously has fond memories of the Caribbean but represent his dull London. We can feel his depression as he 'heaves himself' to 'Another London day'. Grace Nicholas has sympathy for this man as he feels the conflict of these two cultures. Finally, 'Night of the scorpion' has made me feel that believing in god could always be a solution to the problem also it has made me aware of the people around me who can help me in such difficulties I am struggling with. Though 'Island man' has made me aware of how it might feel to be trapped in a foreign country, which you are not too familiar with. Both poems have made me hope that in the future, if I am in trouble or I am home sick then I can count on the society who will always be there to support me. ...read more.

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