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Compare the ways that Orwell and Swift use satire in "Animal Farm" and "A Modest Proposal" and to what effect?

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According to Dryden satire is: "The boldest way to tell men freely of their foulest faults; to laugh at their vain deeds and vainer thoughts." Compare the ways that Orwell and Swift use satire in "Animal Farm" and "A Modest Proposal" and to what effect? Dryden statement that "The boldest way to tell men freely of their foulest faults; to laugh at their vain deeds and vainer thoughts." provides a key insight into why writers use parody and satire. Across different generations and various social contexts authors have exploited the conventions of humour to expose injustice and promote a more pertained truth by mocking and imitating the thing they wish to criticise. In this essay I will be comparing "Animal farm" by George Orwell and "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift. Both of these texts relate to what Dryden said and are written in prose but are very different in style and context. However they have in common the significant use of satire to express views about their societies. Satire is the use of ridicule, irony or sarcasm in speech or writing. It ridicules peoples hypocrisy or foolishness in this way often by parody. The writers of these two pieces of text can be called satirists. The satirist may use different forms of literature in prose or verse. ...read more.


He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be". The reader can see the concern for the language in the simplicity of the sentence construction. Also from this quote you can see how Orwell uses Irony in "Animal Farm" Orwell pays lots of attention to style. Firstly he tries to invent images to make the story clearer and easier to understand. He also puts constructs complex sentences to show the manipulation of information and also to keep the reader interested and hooked. It could be argued that Orwell's writing directly descends from that of Swift's simple, straightforward and concise. The format of 'Animal Farm' consists of very little dialogue, it is written in story form similar to a children's storybook or fable with a lot of information condensed into a few words. Orwell makes a statement and leaves it. Swift tries to manipulate the reader by telling the reader how he had these amazing thoughts and ideas of how to solve poverty in Ireland. It says, "There will remain a hundred and seventy thousand breeders." This is an example of how he uses figures as a way of manipulation. ...read more.


I think that without it the texts would not appeal to the younger readers, as they may not find the topic very interesting. But with the added satire the younger reader will not mind if the historical and social circumstances have changed from each book. The satire kind of makes the reader feel a bit more at ease reading the two pieces of text and not make them feel two sad or depressed about the main topics being talked about. I think that "A Modest Proposal" contains more satire and the piece of text is basically is one giant, metaphorical irony. Now I have considered both texts in this essay I can now link back to the quotation used in the title - "The boldest way to tell men freely of their foulest faults; to laugh at their vain deeds and vainer thoughts." After studying the two texts I now realise what exactly Dryden meant and I agree with what he says. Both "Animal Farm" and "A Modest Proposal" use satire to mock and basically expose; in "Animal Farm", Stalin and his practices in Russia, and in "A Modest Proposal", the English and rich Irish Protestants. Both pieces of text are dealing with foul faults, which the authors disagree with and make people look like fools as a result. Tim Daniel 11BR English Essay 06/01/03 ...read more.

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