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Compare the ways the poets present their personalities in any four poems.

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Compare the ways the poets present their personalities in any four poems. The four poems I have chosen are Kid by Simon Armitage, Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy, The Laboratory by Robert Browning and On My First Born Sonne by Ben Jonson. Each of these poems are very different, the most obvious difference being the different ages they were written in. But they all have one major thing in common. they are all dramatic monologues. A dramatic monologue is a poem written according to one persons point of view, and provides a running commentary of their thoughts and feelings about events. Poems contain dramatic monologues - which can be very revealing if the author is writing about himself. If not then a made up character will 'reveal' a lot about his life and personality. Dramatic monologues are used by many poets, both old and new. Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy is about a single woman who was left at the altar by her husband-to-be. The poem is based on a character from Great Expectations, a novel by Charles Dickens. She hates being a spinster and hates her lover for making her into one. She is obsessed with thinking about this old lover and feels abandoned by him, after all those years. Even though many years have passed she still wears her wedding dress and the rotting wedding breakfast is still on the table. ...read more.


Batman has an affair with a married women and when he took her out he put the car bill on expenses. Though Robin was Batman's shadow for so many years he has now grown up and has overtaken Batman. Though batman was famous now he has nothing. Without Robin Batman can do nothing. He can't look after himself 'next to nothing in the walk in larder', and has nothing to do anymore 'punching the palm of your hand all winter'. Robin has now grown past Batman and has much more of his life to look forward to. As Robin says 'you baby, now I'm the real boy wonder'. Another poem dealing with loss is Ben Jonsons, On my first sonne. It is about the first born son of Ben Jonson who died when he was seven. Ben Jonson is a very religious person, and this poem shows his feelings and his religious beliefs. A popular religious thought of the time which Jonson shared in was that his sons death was a punishment for Jonson wanting too much out of his son. Jonson loved his son too much and forgot that he was only a gift from god. To punish Jonson for this his son was taken away. The first line, 'thou child of my right hand', is referring to Jonsons son. He was Benjamin which means son of Ben Jonson. In Hebrew that means 'son of my right hand'. ...read more.


In this poem we are never given the names of the people involved so we have to guess or remain in the dark. In the poem she shows great interest in what is happening 'you call it a gum?' 'Is that poison too?' This seem at odds with what she should be acting, but this poem is all about acting unlike the norms. When she should be silent and thinking she is curious and wants to know everything that is happening. When she discovers that many of the bottles around her are poisons she becomes excited and imagines killing many people. Anyone who has crossed or rivalled her she wishes dead. The lady then refers back to her rival in love. Describes how last night she tried to kill her by looking at her for a certain time, but it did not work. She is happy that this poison will work when her own ideas haven't. she wants the death to be painful and slow. She wishes her rivals face to become ugly, so her lover will always remember his mistresses ugly dying face instead of the beautiful face she had before. Once it is done the lady becomes even more happy and can't wait to go into court, where before she did not wish to go. As she leaves she flirts with the apothecary 'you may kiss me old man on our mouth if you will' This is not the usual method of parting from a lady of court and yet again goes against the idea of normal, as the rest of the poem does. Lucy King ...read more.

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