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Compare 'Tickets please' by D.H. Lawrence and 'Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver' by Thomas Hardy.

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Wide Reading Assignment "Tickets, Please" was wrote in 1922 by DH Lawrence when all of the young, good looking men were fighting in the war, the only men working In society were either too old to fight in the war or disabled which meant the women were a lot more independent and tough, they had to be in order to survive in society, this gave them a feeling of power and control while the men were away, they were prepared for the worst. "Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver" was wrote in1894 by Thomas Hardy, this was before the outbreak of war and society was peaceful, there was no wars for the men to fight in so they were always around. It was as if there were a certain order of men and women, the men would go to work and the women were there to cook for them and do the housework, basically they did as the men told them too. The women were a lot weaker in this time period than they were in "Tickets, Please", they were not independent and they relied on the men for everything, they were like sheep following a Shepard. In 'Tickets, Please" by DH Lawrence, John Thomas has a selfish, couldn't care less attitude towards the women, he shows no signs of guilt or remorse for the way he ...read more.


- this is an outsider's view of John Thomas's attitude toward women. I think that John Thomas has a lot of control over the women he chooses to walk out with him, they always wait for him and never get angry when he doesn't go back to them, hoping he will ask them to walk out with him again, they are fools for him, expect Annie who does get angry, I think at the end of the story she is in command of John Thomas, but she is the only woman who is. "Yet each of them waited for him to look at her, hoped he would look at her. All except Annie, and something was broken in her", Annie is wise to his games through personal experience, but all the other women are still hoping he will choose them. I think that the women do prove to be stronger than the men in this story because Annie comes out on top. Tony Kytes appears to have total control over women, all the women we meet in the story are under his spell, they all come back to him In the end whatever he may have done wrong. All of the women in "Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver" are very stupid in the presence of Tony Kytes, they seem to be blind to his deceiving ways. ...read more.


I think the incident at the end helped Tony Kytes to become a better man, the other two women he was seeing refused him, leaving him with just one woman, therefore he has no one to cheat on her with in the future. The language used in the stories also changes very much, in "Tickets, Please" John Thomas talks to the girls in a joking way, he always tries to sound jolly and happy around them, he doesn't use formal language or expressions to try and sound sophisticated or to fool them, as Tony Kytes does in "Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver", Tony tries to keep the girls wrapped round his finger by saying a load of rubbish which is mutilated to sound good by using big words and smart expressions, "Now I shall catch it mightily if she sees 'ee riding with me", "Aye my dear, I did ask ye - to be sure I did, now I think of it- but I had quite forgot it. To ride back with me, did you say, dear Milly?", if he has something to say which the girls wont like , or if he is in trouble and is explaining himself he uses sophisticated language to make it sound a lot better than it actually is, and the girls are stupid enough to believe him. ...read more.

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