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Compare two front page newspaper reports based on the same story. Which in your opinion is the most reliable report?

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Media Coursework Essay 2007/2008: Compare two front page newspaper reports based on the same story. Which in your opinion is the most reliable report? To find out the reliability of the newspaper articles I must first find out a bit about the sources of the articles. Newspapers are primarily money making business, this means, like any other type of business, profit is the main issue. In order to make this profit the newspaper companies will not mind altering and changing the truth slightly. A newspaper would not be able to keep going without revenue as they are in a competitive market. Newspapers need to attract as many people as possible to increase maximum turnover this could mean writing what the people want to hear as opposed to the truth which people may not like. Newspapers are part of the mass media which means they will have to try and appeal to the largest group of people as possible, this will mean using a lot of different writing techniques and putting in more than just raw facts. The newspaper story I will be focusing on is that of Blair's cabinet reshuffle as well as John Prescott's affair with his secretary. ...read more.


From the presentational devices we can tell that the Sun is really out to ridicule Prescott and has used aggressive language. The Telegraph has kept to a more refined and polite title. Another important area to look at when covering a newspaper story is to look at the use of facts and opinion. The opening paragraph of the Sun's story is very much the papers opinion, using strong words that add emphasis to the papers opinion, for example the paper opens with the word "SHAMED" in capitols, this really puts out a bold impression from the start of the papers view on this matter. The title uses the phrase "600k A YEAR PAY AND PERKS", this implies that he is earning more than he is, although there is some element of truth to this the newspapers opinion is giving this a slight twist. Again in the 3rd paragraph the paper puts forward its view, putting in certain words in bold to emphasise its opinion over the matter. The only facts are that it tells us Blair had a cabinet reshuffle and Prescott kept his salary despite being removed from his current position. ...read more.


The sun just seems to be trying to "fish" for more readers. Good reporting should, in an ideal world be unbiased and truthful. There should be no need for the reporters to manipulate and change things, the stories should be based upon facts and should use a wide range of different opinions. Although both are quality newspapers in different aspects, I feel that The Daily Telegraph presents the most reliable report. Although The Sun is very good with headlines that are catchy and witty, it lacks the facts and evidence needed to compile a reliable report. To me, The Sun seems to present itself as a more rebellious newspaper that speaks what it feels and says what people are thinking. I feel that this newspaper appeals to a larger proportion of the public than The Daily Telegraph, but this of course is not the matter at hand, and therefore, even though it may not be as popular, The Daily Telegraph is definitely produced the more reliable of the two reports. The Daily Telegraph presents a lot more facts and with seemingly a lot less bias. For these reasons I feel that The Daily Telegraph has compiles the better report in terms of reliability. ...read more.

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