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Compare two of Palins meetings with people who are particularly memorable.

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Compare two of Palin's meetings with people who are particularly memorable. Pole to Pole is a piece of travel writing. It has also been made into a television show. The author of this piece of travel writing is Michael Palin, and it is about his journey from the North pole to the South pole. Michael Edward Palin, CBE (born 5 May 1943) is an English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter best known for being one of the members of the comedy group Monty Python and for his travel documentariesIn Pole to Pole, Michael Palin encounters several different people during his journey; these meetings were particularly memorable to him. Particularly the meetings, with Lyuba-Day 41 on board Junost- and Doctor Baela- witch doctor, day 108 in Zambia-. Palin meets Lyuba as he is travelling between countries on a boat, whereas he meets Dr Baela when he has just entered Mpulungu, but has been in the continent, Africa, for quite a long time. The use of language in these sections is effective because Palin portrays his attitude towards women. ...read more.


"Only adds to the confusion." By saying this Palin shows that he is confused, but he didn't expect to be confused. "More seriously than I expected." This quote also adds to the fact that Palin didn't expect the day to go this way. I think Palin's intention was to make both of these parts quite comical and laughable when he is with Dr Baela the incident begins comical but changes, I also feel that he was putting a strange and peculiar approach to the encounters. As reading this I would feel my response would be, that it was very different and an unforgettable experience. Therefore these encounters were both surprising and unexpected, this is because Palin did not expect the witch doctor to act the way he did which links in with the fact that he didn't expect Lyuba to act the way she did. When meeting Lyuba, Palin uses a lot of sarcasm and humour in his language which is really effective, which differentiates this from the language Palin uses to make Doctor Baela sound completely silly, but also intimidating and that what he does is pointless. ...read more.


Being this descriptive, as the reader I feel that this makes the situation clearer and more understandable similarly to when Palin is describing Doctor Baela. I feel that Palin's intention was to show the reader really what was happening and to add to the fact that these situations were quite awkward. Overall I feel that these two meetings would be particularly memorable to Palin, I feel this because when someone goes through a long period of time not knowing where they are, not seeing friends or family, being some place different everyday, I would expect this to be quite emotional and that every different person he meets he would then remember because it is all a big opportunity and experience which he would like to gain the most out of. I chose Lyuba and Doctor Baela because they both are not the usual conversations or meetings you would have with a complete stranger, I also feel that these encounters will be quite unforgettable because Lyuba acted really flirty, quickly where as Doctor Baela acted quite rehearsed and quiet when it came to chatting. Therefore I feel that these meetings were particularly memorable to Palin's journey. Claire Gee ...read more.

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