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Compare two stories where the characters face difficult situations

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Compare two stories where the characters face difficult situations In this essay I intend to compare "Your Shoes" by Michele Roberts to "The End of Something" written by Ernest Hemingway. I will compare the two stories where characters face difficult situations. The writers have both faced difficult situations in their lives this has been reflected in the stories. Michele Roberts faced this when she had been living away from her parents. In "Your Shoes" the mother finds it challenging to leave the bedroom, "I've locked the bedroom door" here it shows the setting signifies how the mother struggles to accept that her daughter has "left me" but instead the mother wants to hold on, "pick up a shoe...and hold it like a baby" the writer has used a simile here to show how important the shoes are. Roberts has also used personification to express how the mother faces difficult situations. Furthermore the themes of conflict, relationships and especially loss show how the characters face difficult situations. ...read more.


This encourages the reader to think that she couldn't face the circumstances. Furthermore the mother states that, "It was that mob". Clearly the mother is being paranoid. The noun "mob" is a term that is insulting, but the mother believes that under no circumstances that it is the fault of her daughter. "The End of Something" is similar to "Your Shoes" in a way that one of the character is dishonest, '"What's the matter Nick?" Marjorie asked "I don't know "Nick said" it is obvious that the dishonesty is creating a rift in the relationship. And moreover suggests that Nick is facing a complicated situation. One of which he does not want to disclose to Marjorie, "He was afraid to look at Marjorie" The verb "afraid" implies that Nick feels insecure around her. This is shown in Roberts's story where the daughter had been dishonest to her parents and clearly the mother was hurt. Another factor of similarity is that in both the situations Nick from "The End of Something" and the mother from "Your Shoes" faced; were connected to the break up of relationships. ...read more.


back and lay down with his face in the blanket" Evidently Nick is upset and does not want to express his feelings and emotions. Just like in "Your Shoes", it shows her, "If I keep my mouth pursed tight I can't scream or throw up" currently the mother does not want to show her feelings to anyone and is perhaps scared of the reality of the situation she is tackling. To conclude "Your Shoes" is written in 1st person and the fact that it is written in non-chronological order makes the reader come to terms with the difficult situations the character of the mother faces. However Hemingway has written "The End of Something" in 3rd person narrative; this is a good way of portraying how all the characters feel in the difficult positions. Although there is no description of how the characters are feeling. The chorological order used by Hemingway differs to Roberts's idea of mixed events; these are used to express the sheer confusion of the narrator. Both the writers' succeeded to illustrate characters that face difficult situations. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zenab Ahmed! ...read more.

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