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Compare two stories where the writers use symbolism

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Compare two stories where the writers use symbolism In this essay I will compare both the stories "Your shoes" written by Michele Roberts and "Flight" written by Doris Lessing to show where the writers use symbolism. In the story "Flight" the author has perhaps experienced some of the events in the story like when she had to leave Africa for England; causing her to leave her parents behind. This also may be true for Michele Roberts whilst writing "Your shoes". Both these writers might have written the stories to symbolize their lives. In "Your shoes" the writer uses symbolism through the character of the mother, we see this here when "the right shoe on the right hand side and the left shoe on the left... like a husband and wife" the writer has used personification to describe the shoes. It is clear that these are a symbol of the daughter. Additionally there is also a simile used here which implies that the shoes are important. ...read more.


In contrast to "Your shoes", Lessing, the writer of "Flight" has decided to write the story in third person; this idea of writing from this viewpoint shows the emotions of the other characters. Another difference is that "Flight" is written in chronological order which symbolizes that the narrator of the story was not confused compared to "Your shoes". The mother in "Your shoes" emotions are mixed these are expressed through the symbolism of the non- chronological order of the story. At the start of the story the reader can see that the grandfather is struggling to let go of his granddaughter. The pain which is not revealed through the character of the grandfather is shown through the pigeon, which he cannot let go. This symbolizes that the grandfather is unable to accept. The conflict between the grandfather and granddaughter, in the middle of the story, shows the stage that they are at with their relationship. This furthermore is shown through the symbolism of the pigeon; that he has accepted, but on the other hand the reader sees that, "he saw tears run off her face" Here the verb "shivering" encourages the reader to think that Alice realizes that life will change. ...read more.


In "Flight" we see that the pigeon symbolizes the theme of letting go "watched it soar" Here the grandfather has let go of the pigeon which furthermore symbolizes that he has released Alice. In contrast, "Your shoes" shows the experience of letting go in a way that the daughter leaves the mother, but the mother fails to let go of the shoes; which symbolizes that she is still hanging onto her daughter A major difference between "Flight" and "Your shoes" is that in the story "Your shoes" the setting symbolizes the daughter; whereas in "Flight" the setting does not symbolize anything which is relevant to the story. In conclusion the theme of growing up is important in both stories as it symbolizes how the daughter/granddaughter left the home. Both the writers have successfully used symbolism in their stories to emphasize the theme of growing up and also the emotions that the characters feel. These are shown through symbolism. Perhaps if the writers had not used symbolism in the stories they would not have been as interesting, which is why the use of symbolism has an impact on the stories. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zenab Ahmed ...read more.

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