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Compare Two Texts About Children. Both The Last Night and Out, Out- have a focus on children experiencing pain

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Sam McKinty Compare Two Texts About Children. Compare Ways in Which Experiences are Presented in These Two Texts In this essay, I will be comparing “The Last Night”, a passage describing the experience of two young boys being transported to a concentration camp with ‘”Out, Out”’, a poem describing the events leading up to a boy’s hand being cut off by a buzz-saw. Both “The Last Night” and ‘”Out, Out-“’ have a focus on children experiencing pain, however the characters handle their pain in different ways. “The Last Night” is the title of an extract from the novel “Charlotte Gray” by Sebastian Faulks. I believe that the title of the extract is a suitable one considering the content of the passage. The passage describes the events leading up to two boys “André and Jacob” being transported to a concentration camp along with other Jewish deportees. The title “The Last Night” refers to the boys and the other deportees last night as citizens, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers before they are transported to a fate unknown. ...read more.


It is this severe injury that ultimately leads to the death of the boy. In “The Last Night”, “A women came with a sandwich for each child to take on the journey.” “Journey” refers to the journey to the concentration camp the deportees are being taken to. The ‘food’ images in both extracts are similar in that they are like the victims ‘last supper’. Also, food which is something that is essential for life is something that marks “the beginning of the end” for the characters in both pieces. In “Out, Out-“we are told by the author that a young boy is cutting “stove- length sticks of wood” with a “buzz-saw”. Nowadays, this would be a task for an adult as it would be considered too dangerous a task for a boy to be carrying out. In “The Last Night”, the two Jewish brothers (André and Jacob) are not in overt danger (using a saw or any other machinery) but the sense that danger is near is as upsetting for the reader as the amputation scene from “Out, Out”. ...read more.


In line 16 of “Out, Out-“, Faulks describes the moment the boy’s hand comes into contact with the saw. He says that the boy lets out a “rueful laugh”. The boy then shouts at his sister in desperation “Don’t let him cut my hand off-“in a final attempt to save his hand even though “the hand was gone already”. In “The Last Night”, André and Jacob remain seemingly calm and wait for the end. For example the line “it was the noise of an engine – a familiar sound..” that signals the beginning of the end. Though sleeping and dreaming extends the night or their lives. In “Out, Out-“where the boy is unaware that his hand cannot be saved he is desperate to try and save it, without knowing that it is his life that may be in danger. Whereas in “The Last Night”, André and Jacob know that there is nothing that can be done to free themselves, so why would they waste the effort. I think that the two authors had different ideas on how they wanted the messages in their poems and extract to be understood. I think that in “The Last Night” Sam McKinty 10X ...read more.

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