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Compare War Poems

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Compare two poems which you have found are most effective in conveying the experience of World War 1 Many terrible things happened in World War 1 or the Great War. For me one of the main points were the injustice of it all, how the officer class treated the young ordinary soldiers, mostly from the working class, I have chosen two poems by Siegfried Sassoon which pick up on these themes "Base Details" and "Does It Matter?" In both these poems, Sassoon uses sarcasm to magnify his feelings of both anger and frustration, and this makes both poems particularly poignant. In "Base Details", Sassoon portrays the role of an army commander back at headquarters ("the Base"), well away from the front line. ...read more.


the best of food and wine: "Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel" It was so irritating hearing the patronising words of sympathy: "...poor young chap, I used to know his father well" And of course when the war was over, these officers could return safely and uninjured to England, unlike countless millions of ordinary soldiers and other officers: "And when the war is done and youth stone dead, I'd toddle safely home and die - in bed." Every line drips with sarcasm which powerfully brings out the unfairness of how the war was conducted. This brings me to my second point, and what happened when the many injured soldiers returned to Britain, which is what is "Does it Matter?" ...read more.


then happily go about their own lives in a way that the soldiers cannot: "...when the others come in after hunting (with legs!)" It really was so patronising, even if unintentional, to say: "There is such splendid work for the blind" Or "And people won't say that you're mad; For they'll know that you fought for your country And no one will worry a bit." It is really like saying "there, there" to a child.War is always an awful thing, and causes much misery for all concerned. In the above poems about the Great War, Sassoon focused on two aspects, the awful unfairness of how ordinary soldiers were sent to their death by useless and vain superiors, and the anguish of those who returned injured caused by the patronising pity of those at home. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Coghlan ...read more.

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