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Compare what happens to the two girls and the attitudes they and the other people have towards it. In what ways do the poems seem typical of the period in which they were written?

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Compare what happens to the two girls and the attitudes they and the other people have towards it. In what ways do the poems seem typical of the period in which they were written? The two poems "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti and "The Seduction" by Eileen McAuley, although written nearly a century and a half apart, have some similar features. In "Cousin Kate", the narrator is taken from her cottage life, where she was content, and goes to live with the Lord in his Manor. She then is overlooked for her cousin Kate, hence the name of the poem, who the Lord prefers. The neighbours and people around her disapprove of pre-marital relations and call her unclean, whereas because Kate is "innocent", the Lord marries her. The poem ends with the Narrator talking about her son. In "The Seduction", the girl goes to a party and meets a boy there. He buys her drinks and dances with her all night, and she falls in love with him and he gets her drunk, then he takes her to the docks. ...read more.


modern, man-made ways, Than to fall into this despicable, feminine void" which shows that she thinks it's better to take drugs than be pregnant. This shows a complete contrast in the feminine attitude because the Narrator has pride in her son and isn't jealous of Kate, even though she realises the shame of her situation, but is level-headed enough to see that the Lord isn't all that he's made out to be. This is shown by the phrase "If you stood where I stand, He'd not have won me with his love, Nor bought me with his land;" whereas the girl is completely taken in by the boy and doesn't see that he doesn't love her at all. The Lord in "Cousin Kate" saw the Narrator as a pretty little girl who could be a "trophy wife". She was someone who he could show off because she was attractive. This is shown by the phrases "changed me like a glove" and "Chose you and cast me by" these show that he used her ...read more.


She also uses the phrase "Your father would give lands for one, To wear his coronet" which shows that it is in the days of Lords owning land because it says that her son will inherit the Lords estate. In the first paragraph, the poem says, "I was a cottage maiden" the word maiden is rarely used today but would have been commonly used then. The expression "wore me like a silken knot" silken knot is old language. The poem is very much on the Narrator's side, as it is written from her point of view, and refers to her as "I". It makes the Lord out to be an uncaring person who doesn't care about her feelings "Chose you and cast me by" shows that he can pick who he wants freely, and "changed me like a glove" shows that he thought that she was meaningless. It leads the reader to believe that he is entirely at fault and that we should feel sorry for the Narrator. "The Seduction" was clearly written in the 1980's because it says, "silver stream of traffic through the city" and "O levels". ...read more.

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