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Comparing and Contrasting Detective Stories from Pre 1914 and Modern.

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Comparing and Contrasting Detective Stories from Pre 1914 and Modern The Blue Carbuncle written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in pre 1914 and Indemnity Only from the V I Warshawski series written by Sara Paretsky in 1987 are good examples of the evolution of detective stories. The character, setting, genre and language have changed completely over this large period of time. But each story was very interesting to the people of that time so obviously something would be different. The detective genre has been going for ages now since crime started and it has changed over time because of what a detective does and what crimes are committed. ...read more.


But nowadays people in a detective story tend to have more casual people. In the Blue Carbuncle the main character is Sherlock Holmes who is known for being quite posh. He is very secretive and serious about things while the main character in Indemnity Only is V I Warshawski is very open and can be sarcastic during a case. Holmes seems to be a very wise detective but V I Warshawski seems to be just a normal gather the clues and crack the case detective. But I think the reason for that is because nowadays there is more technology to help solve the crime than there was in pre 1914. ...read more.


In Indemnity Only V I Warshawski seems very funny and sarcastic while Sherlock Holmes would rarely put a feeble joke. But both stories build up suspense. In Indemnity Only it build up suspense by repetition and short sentences while in The Blue Carbuncle it builds up suspense by Sherlock Holmes interviewing each suspect and each of them giving him something interesting. Also in Indemnity Only it uses sensational language. This is language that appeals to the five senses. In my conclusion it is obvious that there has been a lot of change during many years to detective stories and these mainly because of the evolution of Earth over that period of time. But some detective stories now are like the ones in pre 1914 because the author is old or was brought up during the olden days. ...read more.

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