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COmparing and COntrasting Mission Impossible Two

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Comparing and Contrasting Mission Impossible Two And Mission Impossible Three This essay will discuss the films Mission Impossible Two and Mission Impossible Three. Mission Impossible Two was released in 1999 and was directed by John Woo. Mission Impossible Three was released in 2006 and was directed by J.J.Abraham. The main character is played by Tom Cruise in both films, he is a well known actor who suits the part of an action hero. The genre of both films is action. This is clear from effects the directors have chosen to us. The setting of Mission Impossible Two is in an amazing, open location, where Ethan Hunt is climbing a cliff, showing that he is an action hero. This opens gives the impression that danger will occur. In Mission Impossible Three the atmosphere is dark and gloomy and he us held at gunpoint. Even though they are from the same genre, the directors present Ethan indifferent ways. I will focus on the different camera angles and shots, setting, lighting and cinematography used to see how it changes Ethan's character. At the start of Mission Impossible Two, Ethan Hunt is free to do whatever he wants, as he is climbing up a mountain on his own, this is clear from the panning shots used. ...read more.


As Ethan is trying to reach the top you can hear the diegetic sound of the wind and see his hair flapping around and this shows that he had a tremendous amount of strength to keep going up and up, and climbing in the wind is very dangerous. There is also a great burst if sound which begins with funky music and that shows that he has great style and it adds rhythms to his actions. Ethan Hunt is wearing a casual black vest top. These clothes have been chosen by the director to make Ethan look brave, they show off his muscular body, making him seem strong and powerful. So, just by seeing what clothes Ethan wears it shows that he has got great strength to be able to climb up a mountain. This costume would give the impression on an action hero. When he gets to the top of the mountain, a helicopter shoots a rocket shaped pod down to Ethan. He opens it and pulls a pair of sunglasses out and puts them on. He receives his mission and throws the glasses away as they self destruct. Close up shots have been used so the audience understand the importance of the sunglasses and mission. ...read more.


This differs in Mission Impossible Two because he is free and there are no enemies to be found. Another difference between the two films is the attitudes of the characters in the films. In Mission Impossible Two, Ethan Hunt is mostly on his own, whereas in Mission Impossible Three there are more characters. This shows the audience that in Mission Impossible Three he is a social character as he has a girlfriend whereas in Mission Impossible Two, he prefers to be isolated from the rest of the world by climbing the mountain on his own, making him a confident man. In conclusion, I think that the directors have achieved success because of the contrasting lighting in both. In Mission Impossible Three, Ethan Hunt is wearing dark, ripped clothes whereas in Mission Impossible Two, he is wearing light and dusty clothes. In Mission Impossible Three, Ethan, His girlfriend and the enemies are in a dark room surrounded by barrels and fire. In Mission Impossible Two, he is on his own climbing a giant mountain made of sandstone in the middle of a desert. Personally I prefer Mission Impossible Two because it gives a bright atmosphere and gives you the impression that the film will be full of action. ?? ?? ?? ?? Reece Morris ...read more.

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