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Comparing and Contrasting Poems

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'Composed on Westminster Bridge' is a nineteenth century poem written by William Wordsworth in which he describes his view of London in the present tense. In this poem, Wordsworth is standing in the early hours of the morning, on Westminster Bridge, over looking and describing the 'charm' of London. He does this by using his own personal thoughts and feelings. He glorifies the quietness of the morning. In the poem, he describes the morning in London to be 'silent' and 'bare': "The beauty of the morning; silent, bare," (Line 5) 'London Snow' was written by Robert Bridges in the twentieth century. This poem is also set in the heart of London and like 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge'; it also acknowledges the stillness and the enchantment of the city, and comments on the men's reaction to the snow: "The daily thoughts of labour and sorrow slumber. At the sight of the beauty that greets them, for the charm they have broken' (Line 36- 37) However, both poems refer to the City in two different ways. Bridges approaches it, by describing how the snow covers the bleakness into whiteness. "In large white flakes, falling on the city brown, stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying" (Lines 2-3) ...read more.


Westminster Bridge is a landmark of London and also the name of the city where both poems are set is mentioned in the title. Also, both poems have a rhyme scheme of ab, ab, and a smooth rhythm throughout. The rhyme scheme, illustrates enjoyment of the scenery which they are witnessing. I think that both poets decided to use a regular rhyme scheme, as they wanted to point out the joy that nature is able to bring. Nevertheless, 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' is a sonnet, which indicates that it is a love poem. This that William Wordworth is a romantic poet. We know this as he is expressing his love for the nature that is before him, whereas, 'London Snow' is an extended poem. Both poems include alliteration. In 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' Wordsworth uses very little, but he does include: "A Sight so touching in its majesty" (Line 3) In 'London Snow' more alliteration and metaphors are used: "In large white flakes falling on the city brown, stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying" (Lines 2-3) The effect that metaphors have in the poem is that they succeed in comparing the effect that the snow has on London. ...read more.


Composed Upon Westminster Bridge was written in the nineteenth century. Cars were first introduced at the end of the nineteenth century, but higher class people were the ones that mostly used them as they were able to afford one. However poorer people had to make do with the use of carts for their transportation. From 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge', I learnt the true meaning of certain aspects of life. Wordsworth was able to turn nature into something blissful, peaceful. He showed me that there is more than meets the eye. He showed me that nature is there to provide us with understanding. I realized that our modern lives don't have any harmony. These were the main reasons why I preferred 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' over 'London Snow'. I was able to learn more. William Wordsworth has a way with words. He uses words that are able to reach out and fill me with music: "Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep! The river glideth at his own sweet will' (Line 11-12) It urges me to take that one step outside and to stand next to Wordsworth and share what he sees. He shows me reality, something that 'London Snow' was unable to show me. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alima Ali (English Lit Coursework) Date: 2nd February 2008 GS1 ...read more.

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