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Comparing and contrasting the beggar woman and to his coy mistress

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Comparing and Contrasting the theme of seduction in ''The Beggar Woman'' and ''To His Coy Mistress'' How is the theme of seduction conveyed in these two poems? In the past, men and women were treated very differently regarding rights and status. Women were often seen as conducive, had to defend/guard their virginity to maintain accessibility of marriage in future years. Men often used their differing authority and status to manipulate women and take advantage of them. This meant that women would not tend to allow this as they had their virginity preserved and there would be nothing they could do about it. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the two poems ''to his coy mistress'' and ''the beggar woman'' to see how they are similar and also differ by the theme of allurement/seduction. The keywords exploited are seduction, impatience and temptation. These expressions are all regarding the ''seven deadly sins''. ...read more.


In ''To His Coy Mistress'' the form and structure varies from other standard poems. The poet tries to make it into a logical argument as much as possible by using a thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. Words like 'but' and 'therefore' are used to reinforce this. Also, the poet makes it sound like a clinching watertight, argument by using this logical structure. Another point to do with the form and structure is the rhyming couplets located throughout the poem ''...and your quaint honour turn to dust... And into ashes all my lust' the overall effect of this is it almost uses symmetry, order and pattern to emphasise the faultlessness of his point and to give it finality. A metaphor is used, "My vegetable love should grow...Vaster than empires, and more slow." The first line makes the narrator's love a slow-growing vegetable more than specifically a In ''The Beggar Woman' the form and structure, unlike ''To His Coy Mistress'' it uses frequent prose and unromantic language to make it look like he is not directing or controlling her in any way. ...read more.


This quotation suggests this. ''My vegetable should grow...'' Tone and mood in ''To His Coy Mistress'' is light hearted and flattery at the beginning This quotation supports this point: ''for lady you deserve this state...''The effect of this is it was used to show respect by using the word 'lady' as it showed worship and adoration, also this man did not really want to blow his cover because he thought he was going to get what he wanted. Afterwards, he becomes a bit harsher in the way he speaks and much more demanding. ''worms shall try that long presr'vd virginity'' and ''quaint honour turn to dust''. The effect of this is he is trying to indicate that he has lost his temper and is only stating the facts of what will happen to her. In a way he is persuading her to go along with what he intended by saying that your 'presev'rd virginity will not pay off for anything in the end. However, in ''The Beggar Woman'' ...read more.

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