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Comparing and Contrasting the Fringe of the Sea and Island Man

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Comparing and Contrasting the Fringe of the Sea and Island Man The first poem, 'The Fringe of the Sea' was written by A.L. Hendricks. This is about a Caribbean man, he later in life moved to London. He expresses his feelings and thoughts about his love for his homeland, Jamaica. The second poem is 'Island Man' written by Grace Nicholls and she is similarly from Jamaica and moved to London in his life, but he also talks about his thoughts and feelings in the poem, but not just about his homeland, but in London as well. These poems are similar because they both talk about the author's homelands. They both compliment Jamaica, and are written in a nonchalant way. But they differ when Island Man starts to talk about London comparing the two contrasting communities. This essay will compare and contrast the different writing styles and content in the poems, through the use of imagery, usage of sound, structures, tone/mood and overall themes and mood. The two Poems Island Man and The Fringe of the Sea both use similar imagery techniques but they also differ is ways. The Fringe of the Sea uses multiple literary techniques to create images in the readers mind, this can be shown by A.L. ...read more.


She does this because she wants to show how different Jamaica is to London, how much better it is to live in Jamaica. Finally the quote 'Another London day' shows that London is a place with no hope, a monotonous city and is too repetitive. Nicholls doesn't like the hustle and bustle of a city like London, and is showing that people don't need to behave in a mandatory way, doing the same things day after day. In these poems many different sound techniques are used to change the speed of the poem and also to create different effects. In the Fringe of the Sea, A.L Hendricks uses alliteration at the start of the poem. He says 'Far from the Fringe of the Sea'. This alliteration speeds up the pace of the poem and makes the poem flow better. Then the author repeats the effect of sibilance many times in a short space, he writes 'and to stoop down by the shallows sifting the random water between assaying fingers like farmers do with soil.' The sibilance in the quote shows the pace of the reader down and helps the reader to understand and read deeper into the author's words. Tripling and alliteration are used together to create the effect with 'Barearmed, Barefoot, Bareheaded'. ...read more.


The lack of punctuation shows that both of the authors are trying to represent the lack of structure in their home communities. 'The fringe of the sea' shows the sense of community by using 'we' a lot, 'we do not like to awaken far from the fringe of the sea'. This illustrates a picture of closeness within the authors community. In the 'Island Man' Nicholls glorifies her homeland because the author wants to show to the reader how great the authors homeland is. 'Emerald Island' this is using a semi-precious stone to describe Nicholls island, showing it's not the most important thing in her life, but it is very important. It could also symbolise the flora of the island, being the green canopies of the trees. It could also represent the Jamaican flag. Another theme is the scene of loss in 'The Fringe of the Sea' as the author is telling the reader that Hendricks is missing his homeland 'we do not like to awaken far from the fringe of the sea' This shows that Hendricks doesn't want to be away from his homeland and he misses it. Nicholls says 'Another long day', this shows that she doesn't like the London 9-5 routine, and she also misses her homeland. But 'another London day' also shows another there that London is a dull and boring place which has no soul, just a monotonous city, and Nicholls writes this to shows the difference between London and Jamaica. ...read more.

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