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Comparing and contrasting the Lady of Shalott and Mariana.

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Comparing and contrasting the Lady of Shalott and Mariana. I am going to compare The Lady of Shalott and Mariana. I am going to look at the setting, the weather, the woman herself, the woman's situation, the hero and the language, of both poems. The Lady of Shalott. The setting. In the setting there are, fields of barley and of rye, yellow field, flowers, bearded barley, trees, woods and hills. This is all beautiful and The Lady Of Shalott is denied to all this because she is locked up in the tower, because there is a curse on her and she doesn't know what the curse is. The setting means that it is summer and The Lady Of Shalott doesn't get to see all this. The poet uses a completely natural environment. It is a beautiful and peaceful representation of nature. By doing this, we are made to feel more sorry for the lady. Everything in the setting is harmonious. Working together nature equals freedom. The weather. In the weather it is good at first but it changes as we go on. ...read more.


She is locked in the tower because of the curse that's on her. The hero. The hero of this poem is Sir Lancelot. He's the hero because the Lady of Shalott fell in love with him. They describe the hero as, bold, he sings, his broad clear brow and coal black curls. Now they describe Camelot by saying, armour, helmet, heather and bugle hung. The language structure. The language in the Lady of Shalott, suits the subject it's ground and pompous especially in the description of Sir Lancelot. For example; line 136:"Lying, robed in snowy white. Snowy white is a sign of virginity and purity." This is a metaphor; the robe is as white as snow. And in line 75/6:" Sun came dazzling down thro' the leaves, and flamed upon the brazen greaves." This is an image of light. Flamed: Fire power and strength equal to the metaphor. Line 84: "Branch of stars we see hanging in the golden galaxy." Branch of stars: Tree/nature. Hanging: Metaphor. Golden galaxy: Rich, shining, precious, rare Beaum. Repetition is used as a technique. ...read more.


This is because in the poem the writer doesn't describe the hero. For me the hero of the poem would have been her lover, if he had came home. The language structure. There is the technique of repetition used in Mariana. As every verse ends, except the last line, the same; "she said I am weary, weary that I were dead" to emphasise how miserable, suicidal and sad she is. "O God that I were dead!" This choice of a different ending makes the words stand out so the poet can emphasise Mariana has given up hope of her hero coming and she wants to be dead. The poets of both poems make good use of rhythm and rhyme. In Mariana the verses do not end in rhyming words this breaks down the rhythm of the poem. The poet's choice of words is difficult to pronounce and because they don't sound the same this makes us stumble through the poem. It also forces us to put a lot of effort into reading and it becomes "a weary" business. Maybe this is to make us feel like Mariana. Mariana is a shorter poem with seven verses. This is because Mariana is where nothing really changes, sad woman feeling miserable, weather and setting similarly depressing ...read more.

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