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Comparing Green Beret and Pig tail.

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Green Beret. I think that war is a cruel and inhumane way to get justice. People risking their lives just to get land and pride are senseless. These poems are about the Vietnam War that took many people's lives in the early 70's. The poems contain descriptive writing about what the soldiers in the Vietnam War had gone through and the troubles that they had faced. As I have read Green Beret, I have found out that this poem is both tense and dramatic. Some of the words the author uses reflect her personality even though the author was unidentified. The only facts to present date that we now about the author are that it are a woman and she was Vietnamese. In these next few paragraphs I will be studying each stanza, looking at the language and finally comparing the two poems. Stanza 1: At the start of this stanza it says that he is twelve years old and I don't know his name. The mercenaries took him and his father, whose name I do not know. This tells me that the person who is speaking, most likely the poet, does not know who the boy or father is. It also quotes as I have said that the mercenaries took him and his father. ...read more.


This concludes my short analysis on Green Beret. Pig tail I am now concentrating on pigtail. After I have done stanza one, two, three and four I shall concentrate on the language detail (metaphors, repetitive words similes ECT.). As I read through pigtail I have found many points to write about. Tasdeusz Rozewicz (Author of pigtail) has used very imaginative words in this poem that in a way make you feel and sympathise to the pain these women went throug Tadeusz Rozewic's work has been translated into foreign languages including English, French, German, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish and has received Polish state prizes and foreign awards. Adam Czerniawski translated his poem into English, which I have been reading and studying. He was born in Radomsko in 1921. Stanza 1: Stanza 1 starts off back in the war with the women segregated off from the men. The women are taken to have their heads shaved "to prevent the spread of lice". This all was lies to get them into camp. It talks about the women being transported in the poem. This to me means that they had to leave husbands brothers uncles all behind. It also talks about workmen sweeping the floors. This tells the reader that they weren't all women in there. ...read more.


The use of low-tech language makes the poem come alive. The way he has structured the poem helps in this. If you also look closely you can see if you turn your page round horizontally that the sentences of the stanzas look like buildings. This has concluded my research on pigtail I will now compare the two poems in a short paragraph. Comparison: When I compared these two poems I found out that they had a lot in common. First of all they're both poems that don't rhyme mad have a tragic storyline about the war. Green Beret is in Vietnam but pigtail is set in a German gas camp. In pigtails thousands of women died but in Green Beret only one person died. The two poems also use simple words and phrases that make the story exiting. They are both about the Germans and the Nazis' killing innocent people. In green beret only one boy losses his dad but in pigtail many of the women and children will have brothers husbands and uncles grieving for them. In pig tail it talks outside the storyline as well. It talks about the author in his time looking at all the hair in the museum of the dead women but in Green Beret it sticks on the one story throughout the poem. This has concluded my comparison on the two poems. By arin cubuk 11d ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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