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Comparing "Growing up" with the story "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snow" Suit

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I am going to write about two short stories from the anthology, I will compare and contrast these two stories showing how the writer uses language and structure to convey these ideas. Firstly, out of the first two stories I chose, 'Growing up' by Joyce Cary, it is about a man comes home from work for the weekend. He plays with his daughters, who attack him. In the struggle their pet bitch* bites him. The girls tend to his wound, and he goes out to his club for some male company. Beneath this simple narrative, lots of other things are happening. ...read more.


Later we see that it may also apply in a way to their father, Robert, who has been able to play with them for years, but now sees a time when he will be cut off from them, good only for paying the bills. The author makes this idea clear in the last sentence of the story. In 'Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit', Plath talks about her relationship with her uncle and mother and the loss of her child hood because of what happens with Paula Brown and what is happening around the world during the time of her childhood. The language in 'Superman' Sylvia Plath tries here to show us the thoughts of a nine year old. ...read more.


Put me up." (line 170) There is symbolism used in 'Superman' but not in 'Growing up'. In 'Superman' the technique of symbolism is between Plath's uncle in the story and Superman, 'Superman invaded my dreams' looking remarkably like my uncle Frank. At the beginning of the story she idealised her uncle Frank, because he looked like Superman, she trusted her uncle and felt secure around him, 'Uncle was the strongest man'. There relationship at the beginning was a strong and good relationship. However near the end of the story there relationship is broken due to the lack of trust, when her Uncle doesn't believe her what happened to Paula Brown's new snow suit, 'tell me what really happened'. ...read more.

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