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Comparing Hardy extract and The Times article.

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Comparing Hardy extract and The Times article In 'Far from the Madding Crowd', the author put great emphasis into using nature to describe the effects of the storm. The cleaving of the tree shows the storm's power and ferocity. The author also uses the actions of the neighbouring wild life to show their reaction towards the storm. They are fearful of the storm, "galloping about in the wildest maddest confusion". Their chaos is shown as they "fling their heels and tails high into the air, their heads to earth". In 'The Times' extract, most of the focus is on the uses of the visual and auditory senses to heighten the experience of the rollercoaster ride. It is easy to imagine the writer's experience though the ways that she portrays every detail of the rollercoaster, from "trundling away" off the rollercoaster, to the "hurtling through space", to the "drawing back towards the platform". ...read more.


Had I got as high as that?" The other character in this piece is the man sitting behind her on the rollercoaster. He dissolves all her confidence in an instance when he tells her, "That's the sc-a-a-a-riest seat". He adds depth to the ambience of the experience. In 'Far from the Madding Crowd', Hardy uses the contrast of light and dark to make the scene seem eerie. The light is described as "intertwined undulating snakes of green" embedded into the surrounding darkness. Another form of light is from the candle shining in Bathsheba's bedroom. Also "a blue light appeared in the zenith". The use of chiaroscuro is present here in presenting the dark form. The extract starts with light, but ends with black. In 'Far from the Madding Crowd', the use of language and sentence structure has depth and profundity to it. ...read more.


The writer fears that she will faint, as she feels the safety bar will not hold her. There is a contrast between the use of language in the beginning and near the end. The sentence structure is normal, with roughly same amount of words in each sentence. She often uses personification, metaphors and similes to convey her experience. She has a strong use of discourse markers. The structure of 'Far from the Madding crowd' is linear, ands follows on form beginning to middle to end in a very straightforward fashion. The structure of 'The Times' piece is similar to that of 'Far from the Madding Crowd' in the way that it has a linear structure, but the main difference is that there are four segments. The first segment is before the rollercoaster, and then before and leading up to the pinnacle, then the "free fall" and leading to the end, then actually ending and getting off the rollercoaster. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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