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Comparing Hobson's (a private limited company) and Mr. K. Day (a sole trader).

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Comparing Hobson's (a private limited company) and Mr. K. Day (a sole trader). Terms of reference: We need to conduct an investigating of two organisations. The companies are Hobson's and Mr. K. Day. Hobson's are a private limited company and Mr. K. Day is a sole trader. Procedure: In order to investigate both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day, I will need to be able to do the following: > Complete a questionnaire for both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day. > Read books such as Applied Business and GNVQ Business studies. > Look on the web sites of both of the companies. Findings. Aims and objectives. Both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day have and need aims and objectives. Both companies need aims and objectives to be successful and to improve both of the businesses. Aims are what Hobson's and Mr. K. Day are hopefully going to improve. Objectives are how Hobson's and Mr. K. Day are going to achieve their aims. Aims and objectives need to be SMART. SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time related Mr. K. Day's aims: > To expand the company > To make a profit > To provide a service > Maximising sales > Providing a competitive service Mr. K. Day's objectives: > To advertise more (A&B) > To work longer hours > Providing more services (different kinds of services) Hobson's aims: > To make a profit > To provide quality services > To provide quality products Hobson's objectives: > To conduct market research > To monitor the production line Business activity. Hobson's and Mr. K. Day both carry out many activities. Hobson's produce army uniforms, scout uniforms and lots of other uniforms for different associations as well. Mr. K. Day provides a service for customers so that the customer can travel. Business activities can be analysed in the following groups: > Manufacturing- This could mean making capital goods and consumer goods. ...read more.


Hobson's need to follow the Health and safety acts or they could be liable. Promotion, Training and development: There are two types of training, which are on-the-job training and off-the-job training. On-the-job training is when employees learn skills wile they are at work Usually this sort of training involves the trainee watching someone in Hobson's demonstrating the type of activities that the job will involve. On the job training is cheaper. The product being produced by the trainee may nit be up to standards and customers may complain. Off-the-job training is when employees are taken out Hobson's to develop new skills. Off-the-job training allows the trainee to develop skills and knowledge without the distractions of work. Specialist staff usually carries out this type of training. This sort of training is more expensive for Hobson's. Hobson's must provide some sort of training especially for younger staff, as it is the rights of employees. Once an employee at Hobson's has finished their training they may want to work their way up to a higher part in Hobson's. Hobson's run an appraisal scheme, which is checked once a year and if an employee ahs done really well in the job they are doing they may be promoted by Hobson's. Mr. K. Day needed training in the Health and safety issuers and just a little driving test and knowledge of the area but apart from that not a lot of training was done and wasn't needed. Mr. K. Day was trained by A&B. Mr. K. Day cannot be promoted as he runs his own business and doesn't need to promote anyone, as he has no employees. Employee organisations and trade unions: Hobson's do not stop their employees from joining a trade union or any staff associations because if they did the relationship may break down but Hobson's is a family business and everyone no's everyone and their relationship is very good. ...read more.


K. Day are always receiving mail about different forms of business. For Hobson's this may include things like bills, complaints and complements about products and service and also delivery of material or notification. If Hobson's have mail they need to sort the mail into different departments and give it to the varies departments. Mr. K. Day may receive mail such as bills, parcels to do with his job, complements and complements about his service and notification to Mr. K. Day about times to pick a customer up. If Mr. K. Day gets mail he will just open it and read and sort out what ever needs sorting if anything. Keeping records: Keeping records for both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day is very important. Hobson's may keep records on customers, bills, deliveries going out, stock and deliveries coming in. Mr. K. Day may want to keep records on customer, money coming and out daily, bills and deliveries he has done. Filling: Filing is one of the most common ways of storing written papers. Hobson's file all written papers in a filing cabinet or cupboards. Mr. K. Day only puts written papers in a cupboard inside folders. Documents can be arranged in several ways: > Alphabetical: Documents arranged in alphabetical order in, order of name, or the subject. This follows the order of alphabet. > Chronological: Documents are arranged in the Time or Date they arrived or were sent. > Geographical: Documents that are in order of the Town, City or Country they were sent or received. Logbooks: A logbook is kept to record chosen activities like deliveries. Hobson's do this but Mr. K. Day keeps his entire activities recorder in a diary. Logbook can also be kept for post, visitors and actions so information can be tracked down when it is needed. Hobson's does all this but Mr. K. Day doesn't. Reference: Hobson's write certain reports about business. Mr. K. Day does not write references. They can get information from books, reports and people. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Harold Brighouse section.

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