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Comparing In Mrs. Tilchers Class and Death Of A Naturalist. Concerning the loss of innocence.

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English coursework. Comparing "In Mrs. Tilcher's Class" and "Death Of A Naturalist." Concerning the loss of innocence. "The horrors of this dangerous world are shielded to the eyes of a young child." These are the words of celebrated behavior moderator Thomas Fullerton. In this piece of coursework I am going to be conducting an in-depth analysis of "In Mrs. Tilcher's Class" by Carol Ann Duffy and "Death of a Naturalist" by Seamus Heaney. I will be explaining exactly what these poems mean, how relevant they are to Thomas Fullerton's description of the loss of childhood innocence. I will also be discussing the literary techniques used to achieve this, the background information on the two authors of these poems and I will also be highlighting the astonishingly similar way I think these poems have been written. Carol-Ann Duffy was born in Glasgow, but moved to Staffordshire in 1960, her father was a counsellor and the manager of a small football club. She went to Staffordshire Girl's High School which could have been where she got some of her ideas for In Mrs. ...read more.


Both of these poems depict the protagonist growing up. In Carol Ann Duffy's poem, she uses second person narration and tells of how she can't wait to grow up, for example " you run through the gates impatient to be grown." , whilst in "Death Of A Naturalist" He tells of how he is frightened of growing up and it revolts him. "I sickened, turned and ran" for example. Both of these poems have a teacher, Mrs. Tilcher and Miss Walls, both female, who are considered to be the authority figures, who are wise, loving and always reliable to tell you something that you don't know or don't really understand. E.g. I Mrs. Tilcher's class "you asked her how you were born." And In death of a Naturalist "Miss Walls would tell us how the daddy frog was called a bullfrog." The fact that these poems are written by different genders changes their views on growing up entirely; Carol-Ann Duffy is excited at the prospect, as she attempts a go at adult language by saying "the heavy sexy sky." ...read more.


Both poets use a very clever array of literary devices. Carol-Ann Duffy tends to focus on metaphors "the inky tadpoles changed from commas to exclamation marks" similes "like the faint uneasy smudge of a mistake" and personification "An xylophone's nonsense" to give the reader a good idea of how children see the world. Seamus Heaney tends to focus on onomatopoeia "coarse croaking that I had not heard before." He does this to draw the readers in and then repulse them. In Mrs. Tilcher's Class is not very well structured in terms of rhythm, as the lines lengths are all over the place to show how a child speaks without being embarrassed, but in Death of a Naturalist it is structured to a long steady beat to around ten or eleven syllables per line to make it easier to read. There is scarce rhyme in Mrs. Tilcher's Class as a child couldn't structure a rhyme, but Seamus Heaney does include some. Overall I find that the two poemse remarkably similar as they are both school based involve frogs as an early guide to sex and talk about the loss of childhood innocence. However they both have completely different views to how good it is. ...read more.

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