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Comparing Mountain Lion and Badger.

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Comparing Mountain Lion and Badger These are two poems that were written at the beginning and end of the nineteenth century. The views on animal hunting and animal cruelty are very different today. Animals such as badgers were hunted for sport; it was considered to be entertaining to track a badger using dogs and capture and torture it until death. Animas such as the Mexican mountain lion were hunted in Mexico for a profit, their fur was a highly sought after fashion item and was sold at very high prices. Both the poems describe animals that are put through a chase before they are killed. The badger is portrayed as aggressive and fierce yet he is demure, the first two characteristics are masculine but the badger also seems to be in controlled and is calm and collected. The mountain lion is portrayed as a beautiful, elegant creature. The curves of her body also accent the curves in the hills of the environment that she lives in, these are all feminine features. In Badger the poet works more on building up the character of the badger whereas in Mountain Lion the poet focuses more on the image ...read more.


During the poem the badger varies its reaction as though it is working to a plan, like it is trying to fool the men, "runs along and bites", and, "The badger grins." The strong rhyming couplets of Badger also give an exited, noisy and chaotic atmosphere. There are ten syllables to each line and fourteen lines in each of the two stanzas. There is also a lack of commas and pauses all the way through until the end when the badger finally dies, "and crackles, groans, and dies." The use of commas shows the slow death of the animal as all its energy is drained away until the moment that it dies. In Mountain Lion the environment is very peaceful and sweet smelling, " blue is the balsam," In the poem the landscape is described to being, "like a Christmas toy." This simile emphasises the emptiness and how artificial the vast expanse looks after the lion's death. This poem unlike Badger flows and sways, this is linked with the flowing curves of the lion's body and the curves of the rolling hills. ...read more.


The same would apply to the reader of Mountain Lion. But today is would seem appalling to think of anything like this ever happening. I think that although both poems are different they are both very effective. Both Badger and Mountain Lion contain a message. Badger gives the impression that something has to be done to stop the hunting of badgers which when the poem was written was not illegal as it is today. Mountain Lion persuades the reader into thinking that the death of this animal was unneeded and will now leave a gap, and empty void in the environment that it once lived. The poet also makes the shocking declaration that he thinks, "how easily we might spare a million or two of humans And never miss them. Yet what a gap in the world, the missing white frost-face of that slim yellow mountain lion!" this gives the horrendous impression that the poet feels that a mountain lion is much more valuable to the world than several million humans. The poet wants the reader to feel regret for the death of the animal and also wants the reader to feel that they need to personally do something to prevent this from happening again. Sophie Griffiths R10 01/05/07 ...read more.

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