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comparing newspaper articles

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Write an essay in which you compare the way that information is presented on factory farming of Cheap Chickens in The Sunday Times with that in The Independent. Newspaper articles have many purposes; to inform, to persuade and to advertise. I am comparing two articles, both on the subject of cheap chicken. One article from The Independent and an article from The Times. I will compare the language used and presentational devices. I will compare the opinion and fact used in the articles and how cheap chicken is portrayed. The article from The Times talks about Jamie Oliver and his campaign about Britain's love over cheap chicken. The second article is an article from The Independent which talks about the horror of how cheap chickens are kept and slaughtered. The article from The Times is a balanced debate but is more towards the ban of cheap chicken. It features Jamie Oliver's campaign and also about the chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's programme on Channel 4, both part of Channel 4's 'Big food fight', 'The footage at the farm will be used to spearhead Oliver's latest crusade.' The article from The Independent is about the producing and keeping of the cheap chicken and gives us figures and facts, and visual aids to get their point across. ...read more.


what is being cooked and put on our plate, 'Later Oliver said, it was "morally wrong" that animals were being treated in this way.' The whole article is from this point of view. The article uses organisations to back up their facts and ideas, 'The RSPCA insists that the industry needs to change faster.' Throughout the article it uses facts and figures to persuade us. In the article from The Independent the front page has a visual aid to catch our eye and so that we can actually see how little room they have, 'This tiny space is about the area that a battery chicken has..' It uses pictures of injured chickens to help us visualise what the conditions are like. The headline of the article is 'The true cost of cheap chicken' which suggests one of the purposes is to inform the reader about what really happens to our chicken before it gets to our plate. It uses facts and percentages to show us how bad the chickens are treated compared to years ago and how we have pushed farmers to produce cheaper chicken, '50%, the increase in the rate at which birds are grow compared to 30 years ago.' ...read more.


The article from The Independent uses a very serious tone 'Will seek to show the ugly reality' which suggests the article is serious about the welfare of chickens and doesn't contain 'gossip' but just facts. The article from The Times uses a different tone in that the tone is less serious but more relaxed and suggests that the newspaper uses the headline as a 'gossip column' more than a serious matter, 'He's on the warpath....this time over out taste for cheap chicken.' But then the tone changes to suggest the article is actually on a serious matter and we should take notice. To conclude both the articles use bias and emotive language to persuade us and both articles have the same audience and point of view but one of the articles is much more bias than the other. Out of both articles The Independent is the one with the serious tone and is out to change the public's opinion. The articles use different ways to portray their opinions. Comparing the two articles and their audience and purposes helps you understand how the article is put together. ...read more.

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