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Comparing of Newpaper Articles

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Comparing Newpaper Articles In this analysis I am going to compare two newspaper articles about a food poisoning outbreak that featured in The Daily Mirror and The Guardian, based on the advice given by Roger Finn. The lengths of the two are quite different The Guardian being longer than The Daily Mirror. The Guardian is written in two columns and is easier to read than The Daily Mirror, which is written in one column. The headline of The Daily Mirror stands out more than The Guardian. For example, The Daily Mirror's headline is written in bold and uses block capitals whilst The Guardian's headline is not in bold and uses lower case letters. The Daily Mirror's font is also much more larger than The Guardian's. The Guardian's language in its headline is clearer than The Daily Mirror's; it gives you more information and a clear message. The Daily Mirror, however uses more emotive language and loaded words, such as 'bug' and 'alert' to leave the reader worried, therefore, making them wanting to read on. ...read more.


The Daily Mirror does this by using loaded words such as 'alert', 'fatal', 'terrifying', suffered', 'victim', and 'severe'. This sensational language makes the reader feel powerless against the bug. The readers are attracted by emotive words such as 'Suffered' = discomfort and agony. 'Severe' = not normal. 'Fatal' = near death or death. 'Terrifying' = scared. The Daily Mirror also mentions children a lot o create a sense of urgency to sort the bug out. For example ' All the victims, including a toddler, suffered severe diahorrea'. The Guardian, however, mentions 'people' rather than children. The Daily Mirror is written in an informal way so that younger readers can understand it. To read The Guardian, however, you will need to know about the subject they are discussing if you want to understand it. The Guardian, therefore, is perhaps for an older audience, maybe ages 20+. I will now look at the advice given by Roger Finn to decide which of the two articles is the most successful. ...read more.


5, Keep it brief Roger Finn tells us not to bore the reader by making the story longer than it should be. He also tells us to use simple words instead of using complicated words. The Guardians article is slightly longer than it should be. However The Daily Mirror's article is brief. 6, Be fair. Roger Finn says that there are two points in a story and you should leave it up to the reader to decide on the situation. The Guardian's article shows the facts about the story without using loaded words so that it is up to the reader to decide on the seriousness of the story. The Daily Mirror's article, however, presents the story with loaded words to make the article seem more serious than it really is. 7, Special ingredient The special ingredient of The Guardian's article is the interview with the spokesperson from McDonalds and the usage of scientific evidence. The special ingredient of The Daily Mirror's article are the children. They keep referring to the symptoms of the children and how they are suffering. I think that The Guardians article is the best because it follows the advice given by Roger Finn the best out of the two articles. ...read more.

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