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Comparing "Pineapple Cake" and "Games at Twilight"-

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Comparing "Pineapple Cake" and "Games at Twilight"- English Literature After reading both stories by Anita Desai, I found slightly more humour in "Pineapple Cake." Throughout this story the boy named Victor is subjected to bribery from his dominant mother with "Pineapple Cake." It appeared that Victor has not got much faith in her promises as she has let him down before, so he as got wise to her promise of "Pineapple Cake." Some of his fantasies were quite humorous and vivid, like when they are waiting for a taxi and Victor imagines, "Slipping out of her hand and breaking into a toy shop for skates and speeding ahead of the whole caravan to arrive at Green's before the bride." I found the character of Mrs Fernandez quite amusing, as she believed that she was so important, until no taxi was available for her. I can imagine these scenes to be quite funny, especially when poor Victor was knocked against the door by the women's bottom. In comparison, to "Pineapple Cake" the story called, "Games at Twilight," initially concentrates on describes the hot climate and intense heat, and the children playing games outside. ...read more.


In "Pineapple Cake," a certain twist in the story formed which was unexpected. Throughout the story the writer appeared to focus on Mrs Fernandez watching Victor's behaviour in anticipation that he would show her up. I really expected Victor to do something that would have discredited his mother, but when the old man died it gave a twist to the events. I feel that the plot in "Games at twilight," builds up an image of Ravi in his dilemma, by describing how he imagined many creatures were watching him, and how he felt about the other children, especially Raghu as he was much more dominating in character. This gave an insight to his feelings and thoughts, which build up his character. In "Pineapple Cake," there is a lot of drama towards the end of the story when all the attention focuses from Victor to the old man who has died in the middle of the wedding ceremony. I feel that both these stories have different plots that lead onto the main events. Both stories give an insight into the minds of the children through their actions and observations. Each story is written about children, which includes their thoughts and feelings around the situation they're faced with. ...read more.


"Games at Twilight" gives little mention of the mother and appears to be centred on the children and their activities, "Which is play." This is centred on their mischievous and noisy games and gives Ravi personal experiences and disbeliefs in the other children. In "Pineapple Cake," the story is focused on a child and his mother, who are attending this posh wedding. In the whole story she comes across in a boisterous manner towards Victor. She believes she is important and was looking forward to "Having tea at Green's, you know." From her attitude and feelings towards Victor, you are able to form a character of a women who was impatient, "Well, come along, get dressed quickly - yes, yes," and insensitive through the way she had Victor's cake after the death and said " I think we'd better go now." Both stories express the frustrations of each child within the story. The writer does this by showing their inability to control each dilemma they're faced with. I did enjoy "Pineapple Cake," rather than "Games at Twilight," as the plot had more humour to it and there was plenty of action. I could also feel an element of suffering for Victor during his stressful day. The end of the story came as a complete surprise to the reader. ...read more.

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