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Comparing poems

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COMPARING POEMS This essay has been committed to compare and contrast two poems. One of which is "To His Coy Mistress" authored by Andrew Marvell. He was born on March 31st 1621 and was an English metaphysical poet, as well as the son of an Anglican clergyman. He died on August 16th 1678. The second poem is "The Beggar Woman" which was published by William King. He was born in the year of 1663 and died in the year of 1712. Both poems put up with numerous resemblances that can only be obtained by reading between the lines. About love, power, sex and control have been encrypted in order to present different poetic elements such as imagery. Although they are alike they fluctuate in a variety of ways. Both poets' express different stories in their poem nevertheless there are many similarities. In "To His Coy Mistress" Andrew Marvell portrays the man wanting to have sex in the company of the lady. Firstly, charm is used within the poem in the bid to attempt to seduce the woman. By doing so, the gentleman is certain that he possibly will have sexual intercourse with the woman. Much of the smooth talk relates to the theme of love as spending time with the woman is well thought-out however sex is a prime matter. ...read more.


This continues throughout the poem adding emphasis to the tone. "The Beggar Woman" also has rhyming couplets, which is a similarity of both poems. It has rhythmical bursts, as there are seven short stanzas that compile this poem. This gives it a more edgy effect. The rhyming couplets make the edgy poem more pleasant to read and this type of rhyme scheme was typical of its time. This can be shown through the extract "He let his company the hare pursue, for he himself had other game in view:" The flow of the poem becomes fluent in effect making it excessively rhythmical and pleasurable to read. The poem is at a constant pace until the last stanza, which shows that there is a short of of emotion between the characters of the poem. It is a narrative as it enunciates what happened in a third person format. The lack of emotion and pace gives the poem a negative effect, as the reader may get bored when reading it. However this is redeemed by the rhyming couplets that add to the taste of the poem. Andrew Marvell uses essential amounts of imagery to create lively effects. The imagery is used to let the reader to understand the deepness of the poem and what it relates to. This allows the appearance of thorough emotion to the reader, as the picture will create an animated effect. ...read more.


The quote "A gentleman in hunting rode astray, More out of choice, than that he lost his way:" showing the use of enjambment. He also uses similes such as "like a cross" in which he compares the baby to a cross. However, the bad point is that there isn't a lot of emotion involved in the text that makes the poem less enjoyable to read. Overall I like both poems, as one is more pleasant to read yet the other is more optimistic. Both poems are about sex however the theme of love is deficient in one. The man requires having sex with the woman in "To His Coy Mistress" and for that reason beseeches with her to give him what he desires. We assume that love is implicated, as the man is complimentary each part of the woman's body: "Two hundred to adore each Breast," which acquaints us that he recognises the woman, and consequently both themes of love and sex are current. Alternatively, we can be free-thinking that "The Beggar Woman" is a poem simply about sex as the man and woman are unknown. This suggests that there is miniature or no love that is involved. At the end of the poem we recognize that the woman did not yearn for sex from the beginning. She was trying to get rid of the burden, the baby, so that she could once again enjoy a free living days. To conclude both poems are about sex yet only one is about love. ...read more.

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