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Comparing Poems From Other Cultures

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Compare how identity is shown to be important in half-caste and one other poem Half-caste and Search for my Tongue In these two poems, identity is seen to be important, for in half-caste the author is trying to seek acceptance from others around him for who he is as a person, but in search for my tongue the author is losing her identity and is seeking help in finding out who she as a person. Half-caste portrays someone who feels that people label others without knowing them as people first, and how much it can hurt them. For John Agard says: "Explain yuself, wha you mean, when yu say half caste". This shows that he is confused about how he portrays himself to others, and how others perceive him. This make you think that the way in people perceives you on first appearance makes you who you are. Search for my tongue is like a cry out to others to help with her lost mother tongue, and she doesn't know what her identity is because she is confused about which language is her. ...read more.


For her original identity was gujarati, but having had convert to a foreign language she feels that she has lost her original identity, and has been forced to take on a different identity because of the different language she has to communicate to others in the place she lives in now. For she says: "You could not use them both, even if you thought that way." This shows that she feels she is losing her sense of identity, and feels she has to choose between the life she lives now and her original identity. She feels that the new language is pushing the other one away, and dominating her life so much that she forgets how her life used to be before it was controlled by the foreign language. In half-caste Agard rejects the conventional punctuation, for there isn't a single comma or full stop in the whole of the poem. Also, he misspells half of the words in his poem purposely to help get his message across to the reader. ...read more.


For she says: "Everytime I think I've forgotten...it blossoms out of my mouth." This shows that even if she forgets, or is so used to using the foreign language, she cannot forget her native language even if she tried. This is because it has been a part of her culture and identity for so long, she cannot part from it, no matter what she is faced with or what ever happens to her. So the identity that is portrayed in half-caste is no matter what ethnic background you come from, no matter what you look like as an individual, we are all equal human beings and all deserve the right to be able to live our lives to the full. The identity that is portrayed in search is one that suggests that you cannot lose who you are as a person, no matter what you are faced with, even if you have to change your language or move somewhere else, you cannot change who you truly are as a person. ...read more.

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