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Comparing Short Stories Assignment - Tony Kytes and Seeing a beauty queen home

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Comparing Short Stories Assignment - Tony Kytes and Seeing a beauty queen home In "Tony Kytes" Tony is a young man who is riding home from the market, while he is riding home he sees three women who he is very fond of. He was very popular with the women because they all wanted to marry him. He tells all the girls that he loves them and nobody else and he hides them from each other so they don't find out what he is like. In the end the wagon crashed and Tony ended up with Milly. In "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home", Rudy, another young man is not really bothered about womens feelings, he uses them to show off to his friends. He gets his hopes up when he takes a beauty queen home but is let down when she kicks him out for being too "smart" "Seeing a Beauty Queen" was written by Bill Naughton in the twentieth century. It was set in the industrial part of north England. ...read more.


Tony's story is told by the wagon driver, the story is built up in three sections. In the first section Tony is driving down the street in the cart, on the way down he meets three of his ex-girlfriends, all three of his former girlfriends try to talk him into marrying them. In the second section the girls realise strange noises and become suspicious and in the third section the horse leaves the wagon which then tipples over into a bush, the girls notice each other and start arguing, this is how Tony's story ends. The ending part of Tony's story where the girls find out about him is funny. Rudy's story is told by himself, it ends with Maggie realising how deceitful Rudy is and then throws him out of the house. The funny part of this story is the part where she shows him the door. All the women in Tony Kytes try to win his hand in marriage. Hannah is the most devious and deceitful because she was the one who was sucking up to Tony the most like when she said, "This is nice, isn't it Tony" or "I like riding with you". ...read more.


We see more into Rudy's head as it is easier for the author to tell us what Rudy's is thinking because it is Rudy himself who is telling the story. "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home" and "Tony Kytes" are comical stories both with funny endings they both show what men and women are prepared to do to get what they want. Both stories have three main sections to them. I prefer "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home" because I find it funnier that "Tony Kytes" and it is also gives a more in-depth description to what going on. It is also less complicated which makes it easier to understand. The setting wouldn't have to change much because it is not very different from today. I would change the dancehall scene to a party or a club because that's what today's youngster are into. I would change the language slightly because some of the slang used seems a bit on the old side. I wouldn't change the style of the story because it is already original. ...read more.

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