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Comparing Short Stories, Hardy- The Withered Arm, Lawrence- Monkey Nuts, and Lawrence- Tickets Please.

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Comparing Short Stories Hardy- The Withered Arm: Subject Matter: The story is set in 18th century England. The story is about a man who owns a dairy, returns to his farm with a new wife and his previous wife and son are curious about her. The previous wife, Rhoda Brook, has a vision the night the new wife, Gertrude arrives, where she hurts her successor. When she meets Gertrude however, Rhoda discovers that the arm that she thought she had damaged in the vision was actually damaged in real life! Gertrude told her that it had appeared one night mysteriously. Although many attempts to cure it are tried, they never work. Gertrude finds out that Rhoda did this to her, tries more remedies over the years and then dies at the end. Hardy- The Melancholy Hussar Of the German Legion: The story is about a girl who falls in love with a hussar, after being betrothed to another man. The couple plan to elope, but she betrays him and stays. Lawrence- Monkey Nuts: The story is about two men called Albert and Joe and a woman called Miss Stokes. Miss Stokes is a pretty girl who likes Joe, but he does not return her love, instead seems to feel secretly strongly about her, but does not act on the feelings. ...read more.


The way each character speaks often tells us their background, class and type of person they are. The authors use intelligent vocabulary with very descriptive words and phrases. Both Lawrence and Hardy have used imagery strongly in their pieces. Both use it extensively in different ways. Hardy, to describe surroundings, and Lawrence to describe people and expressions. Each story is clearly structured, the beginnings starting off at a scene, often with most of the main characters featured, moving into the main plot and ending clearly and definitely, apart from 'Tickets Please' by Lawrence. This story ends abruptly. You turn the page expecting the rest of the story and discover that the story has finished. The Syntax: Hardy uses long sentences, which although very descriptive, can drag on and tend to become complicated, leading to confusion. An example of Hardy's long sentences is page 10 of 'Wessex Tales' in 'The Withered Arm': 'Rhoda said she was well enough; and indeed the paler of the two, there was more strength that endures in her well-defined features and large frame than in the soft-cheeked young woman before her'. This sentence has a total of 35 words in it and is about the differences between Gertrude and Rhoda. ...read more.


Lodge's son. D. H. Lawrence, however, has a different style. This is more of a talking piece with lots of characters talking with little description. Although this can sometimes be a good thing; too much description can be tiresome. A good example of D. H. Lawrence's style of writing is page 93 of D. H. Lawrence's 'Selected Tales'. The story is 'Monkey Nuts', and the characters featured in this conversation are Miss Stokes and Albert: 'Where's Joe?' 'He though you'd like a change: they say variety's the salt of life - that's why I'm mostly in pickle.' 'Where is he?' 'Am I my brother's keeper? He's gone his own ways.' 'Where?' 'Nay, how am I to know? Not so far but he'll be back for supper.' This conversation is made up of short remarks from each person in it, especially Miss Stokes' side of the conversation concluding of 'Where's Joe?' 'Where is he?' 'Where?' Albert's responses are a little more detailed. 'He thought you'd like a change: they say variety's the salt of life - that's why I'm mostly in a pickle.' D. H. Lawrence's stories tend to be more humorous than Thomas Hardy's stories. In 'Monkey Nuts' Albert is the witty corporal included in a humorous story about a love triangle gone wrong. Hardy's stories are more sinister with a large amount of death, betrayal and hate as in both 'The Withered Arm' and 'The Melancholy Hussar of The German Legion'. ...read more.

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