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Comparing stealing and the laboratory

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Comparing Stealing and The laboratory In my opinion 'Stealing' and 'The Laboratory' explore different themes, but they do have one thing in common which is the characters in the poems do not feel one bit guilty. The main themes in 'Stealing' are boredom and loneliness, whilst the main themes in 'The Laboratory' are revenge and jealousy. 'Stealing' is about a boy or a girl who explains how he/she once stole a snowman and destroys it by kicking its head in. From reading the poem I gathered that the poem is describing a boy performing these mental acts. Throughout the poem it describes how he steals pointless things like cars and breaks into houses just to "have a look". At this part in the poem I think the boy did not have a normal upbringing and was a lonely child, so he breaks into houses just to see what a normal household looks like. Also if the boy did not have a normal upbringing this is probably the explanation for the random acts of violence. On the other hand, 'The Laboratory' is about a woman who sees the apothecary to get poison to kill a love rival. ...read more.


'The Laboratory' also creates a disturbing image, as she "carries pure death in an earring". This is an important part of the poem as she is hiding a killer solution in a valuable item and "pure death" is an oxymoron because death is in no way pure. The ironic thing is, the poem is set in some sort of apothecary where this deadly potion is being made, yet there is no unpleasant or negative atmosphere, she seems to be quite happy about the fact that she's about to murder somebody, which also emphasizes her possible insanity. Both people in the poems are not guilty at all for their actions, so they are in some ways similar. I have noticed that in both poems the poets repeat some words which creates impact and is effective. In 'Stealing' it says "again, again" and in 'The laboratory" it says "laugh, laugh". In 'Stealing' the "again, again" sentence was extremely effective because as the speaker smashes the snowman up it adds to his self-destructive behaviour. In 'The Laboratory' the "laugh, laugh" sentence is described when the woman is feeling paranoid and humiliated as she feels her husband and Pauline are laughing at her and at this point in the poem the repetition makes it more intense to read. ...read more.


Two effective phrases from 'Stealing' are "lifes tough" and "kicking head", in my opinion these two phrases are effective because "lifes tough" makes me sympathise for the speaker because if sounds as if he was neglected as a child and he had a difficult upbringing, its like he knows the meaning of the phrases, and also the short sentence is concise and is sharp and creates impact. Two effective phrases from 'The Laboratory' are "exquisite blue" and "brand, burn up, bite", I think that these two phrases are effective because " exquisite blue" emphasises how she is not guilty and is proud of what she is doing, also the speaker refers to colour which shows how valuable the poison is to her. In my opinion, these two poems differ but also are similar in different ways. In conclusion, both poems explore themes of revengeful acts and are both set out to cause damage. To me, this shows that both speakers are similar as they are perform lethal acts which end up people hurt, or even killed because of them. My favourite poem was 'The Laboratory' as the message that the poet was portraying was crystal clear although both poems were incredibly effective in my point of view. ...read more.

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