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Comparing The Beggar Woman with three other poems

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Comparing The Beggar Woman with three other poems In this essay, I will be comparing the poems; 'Our Love Now', 'Rapunzskiltskin,' 'To His Coy Mistress' and 'The Beggar Woman.' I will look into conflict and power between men and women and how it is revealed. The first poem I will look at is 'The Beggar Woman,' by William King. This poem is about a gentleman in seventeenth century Britain. He is out hunting one day and is separated from his group. He sees a young beggar woman whom he deems attractive. He then propersitions her for sex. She obliges and they wander off into the nearby wood. After a while, they discover a suitable place. However, the woman's child is getting in the way. They try a number of positions without success so the man offers to have the baby strapped to his back. The woman thinks this is a brilliant idea and quickly detaches young Bobby from her and moves him onto the gentleman. She then spontaneously departs, leaving the baby with the man. This is so random and is impossible to anticipate, suggesting that the audience doesn't expect female power. The themes raised in this poem are the woman's place in society and how the poet disagrees with the morals of of the situation. ...read more.


This also shows a physical divide between the two and shows they are separated by opinion. Every verse spoken by the man is a point made by metaphor however the woman then disagrees with the point by destroying the metaphor. The woman's verses always end in 'such is our love now' except in the final verse where the poet drops the final 'now'. The effect this has is that it closes off the poem and suggests that it is also the end of their relationship for good. 'To His Coy Mistress' by Andrew Marvell is about a gentleman who is confessing his love for his friend, who is referred to as 'the mistress'. He uses metaphors to persuade her. Unlike 'Our Love Now', it just shows the opinion of one party. Also, this poem isn't really a narrative as such, it just portrays emotions of one moment, contradicting the style of 'The Beggar Woman'. The first stanza of the poem talks about the ifs and buts. 'Had we but world enough, and time, this coyness Lady, were not crime.' it ponders on the idea of eternity and if they had till the end of the world, what this man could do. The second stanza moves back to reality. It says that they don't have all the time in the world. 'But at my back i always hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near.' ...read more.


Generally, they are young and beautiful or old and ugly, mainly witches. The poet is angered by these stereotypes and uses the poem as a method of saying this. She highlights the stupidity shown in these old stories by reversing the roles of the different sexes. The poet uses both old fashioned language, 'skeins of silk' and that of a more modern era. 'Hollered like a fireman in some soap opera.' The effect this has is that it feels like a fairy tale but has flashes of a modern age. The poem uses unconventional signs such as '&'. it also uses little grammar, making it feel more childish. The colloquial language adds to this effect. It therefore undermines the traditional layout of a fairytale. When considering the historical context of both pre 1914 poems, 'The Beggar Woman,' and 'To His Coy Mistress' i can see that they could be perceived as controversial. 'The Beggar Woman' in particular, questions men's attitude to women, and suggests that this derogatory opinion, common to men of that time, is immoral and unjustified. This poem also shows power in the best way. This poem's hidden twist in control is the most effective representation in this collection. The fact that the man believes he is in control, but that the woman has the whole situation planned out, proves this. 'Our Love Now' contains the most conflict. However, most of it is inferred. The main argument has passed and now the is attempting to resolve the problems. ...read more.

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