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Comparing the Darkness Out There With the Signalman

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COMPARING THE DARKNESS OUT THERE WITH THE SIGNALMAN NAME: ALI NOOR CLASS: 11C TEACHER: MR PARMENTER In this essay, I will be comparing "The Darkness Out There" with "The Signal Man," I will also talk about the way in which people and places are not what they seem in the two stories. In "The Darkness Out There" one of the main characters is a young girl, Sandra. The facts we know about her are that she works for 'the good neighbours club which is a club that looks after grannies. Sandra is asked to "give a helping hand" to Mrs Rutter in the daily housework. For this I think she is a good person, Sandra's view of the future would be for her to have a single sewing machine, and to travel around the world. We also find out she is squeamish towards dirt and grime. She also felt threatened by Packers End when she was 6-8 years, but at that age she didn't know about the German plane that crashed there, instead she is frightened of witches, wolves and tigers. ...read more.


The narrator is a man of logic, you can see this is because of the way in which the narrator describes and thinks about the Signalman. Sandra thinks Kerry is an ugly boy who doesn't understand anything, but on the other hand Mrs. Rutter thinks he is a hard working lad. Near the end of the story you can see that Sandra's view of Kerry changes. Before she wouldn't take any notice of him, but after Mrs Rutter tells them about the German plane which crashed there in world war two. And how Mrs Rutter and her sister, Dot, left a German pilot dying there for two days, Kerry says that Mrs Rutter is cruel. Sandra for once, also thinks that this statement is not wrongly placed. In other words, she also thinks the same way about Mrs Rutter. The old lady, Mrs Rutter, lives by herself. We find out that she was married but her husband died in the war. ...read more.


The reader gets the image of a disgusting, cruel, and maybe even racist woman. In the end of the 'Signalman' the reader feels shocked at the death of the signalman. I believe it was unexpected. I knew something was going to happen because there were warnings, but the reader didn't expect the signalman to die, but the most astonishing thing is, when the narrator asks the driver what he said to the signalman to try and get himself off the rails the driver told the narrator the exact words. They were exactly the same words that haunted the signalman in the first place. In conclusion I will be looking at the ways in which both stories end. In my opinion the reader was never able to predict how both stories would have ended. I feel that the helpless or the people in need of help in some form or another were the people you'd least expect to turn out differently. I believe that the authors were trying to say that you can't under-estimate anybody, no matter what they do or what they look like. _______________________________________________________ ...read more.

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